If, like myself, you collect action figures, this article is for you. If you are a parent and has a child who is also obsessed with collecting action figures then this article will also be for you. If you do not collect action figures but are jealous of people who do then do not keep reading. It will only make you sadder.

This weekend I attended the Glasgow Film and Comic Con and yes you could probably guess there were many action figures involved in my visit. When you go to these kind of events figures vary from extremely rare figures to loose figures bundled into boxes for you to rummage through. However the best part of these events is buying figures, especially wrestling, that have hardly even hit the shelves yet. Yes it is another wrestling week of reviews but only because I was so thrilled to get my hands on this one. This week I am looking at the newly designed Dolph Ziggler figure which is included in series 64 of Mattel’s basic wave of the WWE stars.

1.) Packaging – With most of these lines of figures the key is in the name…basic. This starts with the packaging which gives a very simplistic image of the selected figure with no great details or add ons. The new Basic packaging is much better than its dull predecessor. While not as fancy as the Elite line, we still get the dynamic red base color and the brand appropriate accent in the left corner. Again, there is not much to say about the packaging…it has a cool picture of Ziggler on the front with the Smackdown logo included which is weird for these figures because at the time there was no brand split.

2.) Head Sculpt/Likeness – I like that they changed the head sculpt for Ziggler last year with his elite figure. The Mattel figures are well known for terrible head sculpts. However now we have an improved Ziggler face scan then that shows how hard they are working to improve, in my opinion, the biggest aspect to how well the figure looks…the likeness. The only difference with the head than past few Ziggler figures is the change of hair colour, giving him more a prominent brown rather than the usual blonde that he has in the majority of his figures. Nevertheless, the sculpt is good and is one of the best in recent months, they have even mastered the shape of his nose and smirk which is a really cool feature.

3.) Body Design/Articulation – This is the first Ziggler figure to feature his new tights design which is one the main reasons I really wanted to get it. The design of the tights is great and again they’ve matched it like for like with what Ziggler really wears. I did not have any real problems with moving arms/legs with this figure like I did with the basic Sting which is also a good thing. The body isdolph-ziggler-wwe-basic64e much more detailed, and though it’s not quite realistic, it’s cartoony in the right way, creating an augmented reality. As a Basic figure, the articulation is severely limited, but at this point, that’s not a surprise. While you won’t be able to accurately do the Zig Zag properly with the Elite version, it’ll be a lot easier. I always wonder if cutting those extra couple of points of articulation are really worth it for collectors

Overall – This is a solid figure. They had to really hit the nail on  the head with the design with it being the first Ziggler figure since his new ring gear. With a slightly improved head and great paint design on the tights this is a great basic figure and with it going between £10-£15 it is certainly a great price for a well done figure.