The return of Triple H on the August 29th episode of Raw sent shockwaves through the company’s red brand and the WWE Universe, igniting a series of endless possibilities as to why the cerebral assassin did what he did and where he can go next.

Authority figure, renegade, heel/face, or active competitor, there is no doubt about it – Triple H has a couple of questions to answer and next Monday will be the perfect time to clear the air on his interference.

Until then, lets bask in speculation as to why The Game has returned. Has Rollins simply become past his use-by date? Or does Triple H have his own score to settle among the brand divide?

The creation of a 3-way brand war
Brand split, ultimately that means the pitting of Raw and Smackdown, right? Not necessarily.

It is no secret that NXT is Triple H’s baby, his roots strong in the yellow brand. So, to reveal within the storyline that Triple H convinced Stephanie and Mick Foley to draft a selection of NXT stars to the main roster would not be so farfetched in terms of an ‘invasion’ angle.

With strong showcases from those NXT alumni that have already graced the main roster, Triple H could very well be ready to convince any of those who haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon that what NXT has been saying from the beginning: The future is now. From there, NXT wrestlers could take over Raw and Smackdown when ready, and before long have a strong foothold for Triple H to manipulate how he sees fit.

It may take careful planning, but with one of NXT’s most popular stars winning the Championship, the seeds were most definitely planted to lead the yellow brand towards taking on the rest of the roster.

A babyface (okay, more so a tweener) authority figure
Following Raw, the role of babyfaces and heels seems to be a bit askew.

With Kevin Owens being such a strong heel, and Triple H having been a heel within his authority role since 2013, keeping each character firmly within this role for many would be considered the best move.

However, the babyface authority role for Triple H has yet to be put into fruition and arguably seems only logical for Kevin Owens, who continues to become more and more a fan favourite with each passing Raw. Therefore, why not present them as the good guys?

This would make even more sense if you are presenting the two of them as the trailblazers behind a campaign against the General Manager and Commissioner, that Raw is being run into the ground and NXT is the only thing that can save the company.

NXT for so long was the ‘cool’ brand, presenting everything that a wrestling fan ever craves from the sport in one show, so much so that this idea certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. It could turn out that by using his COO powers, and recognising how Owens’ is near enough the embodiment of the NXT brand but essentially everything that the main roster rejects – yet he is still at the top of the mountain – that the time for change is already happening and should be capitalised upon.

Meanwhile, this would enable WWE to continue developing a dynamic between Rollins and Stephanie, within their heel roles in which they are both thriving, of pulling the trigger on the evolution of today’s Triple H.

Active competitor – HHH vs Seth Rollins
If rematch clauses mean anything within WWE (which they don’t, unless you want to add another loss to your score sheet as a challenger), the prospect of Owens vs. Rollins for the title is surely the next step – or maybe not?

With Owens as a heel champion, there are lots of babyfaces within the Raw brand who could step up should Rollins’ attention be elsewhere – like feuding with his former mentor (read: wrestling dad if you’re from tumblr) Triple H.

If subliminal looks and pure awkwardness from previous interactions are anything to be upon, this match up seems so obviously that not doing it would be foolish.

Rollins’ was the handpicked authority guy who quickly began to believe his own hype – so much so that he took Triple H’s signature move as his own. The Game could easily be frustrated at how egotistical Rollins has become, so tired that he has denied him another title in the WWE Universal Championship and plans to strike while the iron is hot, knocking Rollins down once and for all.

The feud would make Rollins babyface, a role that many say is where he will fly (quite literally with that move set) and create a whole new landscape for Raw in regards to the title picture, Owens and whoever is willing to step up to the prize fighter.

All things considered, the meeting of mentor and trainer seems the best fit for Triple H following his return to the company.