Donovan, thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. Let’s go back to the beginning, has wrestling always been a part of you’re life and what you wanted to do?

Not always, I wasn’t really a fan until 1998, and even then I had to sneak behind my parent’s backs. It was always something I thought I would be good at, but never seemed like a realistic possibility.

I understand you were a standout athlete in college, mainly football and eventually accepting a scholarship at UMass, has your natural athletic ability helped the transition into wrestling?

No question. Athleticism is a key part of professional wrestling, certainly my style at least.

You were trained by Brian Fury, like you a former competitor in ROH Top Prospect tournament, what was training under Brian like? I’ve heard some good things about him and his training.

He’s one of the best. The most underrated trainer in the world, in my opinion. Soon his excellence will be recognised.

How would you describe your style?

A combination of everything. Power, striking, high flying. I do it all.

I’ve seen a lot of people say that you remind them of Mike Awesome, would you agree with the comparison.

Yes, I would. Mike Awesome was an incredible talent and the comparison is always a flattering one.

A short 3 years in the wrestling business and you’re already making waves in ROH having won the Top Prospect Tournament in 2015, a proud moment I’m sure?

One of the best. I’m fortunate to have had the success I’ve had in such a short window of time. It’s a testament to the NEPWA and Brian Fury.

2015 was a big year for you, having won the Prospect Tournament and being named in the PWI Top 500 as well.

It’s always flattering when someone recognises my hard work, but I try not to put too much stock into rankings.

Other than Brian Fury who would you highlight as having a major impact on your career so far?

Warbeard Hanson. The man helped train me from day 1 and continues to give me feedback to this day. Tommaso Ciampa would be right behind him.

Is there anyone in ROH that you always go to for advice?

Hanson. Sydal as well. Sometimes Nigel.

Can you tell us you’re favourite wrestling moment as a fan and as a wrestler?

As a fan, Backlash 2000 when Austin returned.
As a wrestler, it’s hard to say, there’s been so many. TPT finals, vs. Chase in Chaotic, vs. Biff in Beyond, vs. Bones in Hamburg, DBD four-way.

I personally really enjoyed your recent win at Death Before Dishonor to become the no.1 contender for Bobby Fish’s TV title, what would you say has been your best match so far?

Impossible to rank matches. They’re all special in their own unique way.

Is there anyone that you dream of facing inside the ring?

Cesaro. The best in ring competitor in the world in my opinion.

Does touring the UK/Europe appeal to you?

Yes! Can’t wait to return! Should be soon

Is there anyone in the UK that you really want to face?

Moss, Sabre, Scurll, Ospreay.

In November ROH comes back to the UK, will we be getting to see you on the tour?


5 years from now where do you see yourself?

Tough to say. Hopefully still entertaining people doing what I love.

Finally, would you like to say anything to your UK fan base?

Thanks for the support! You guys are awesome, and the reason why companies continue to seek my services.

Thank you for joining me today Donovan, I’m a huge fan of yours which anyone who follows me on Twitter will see, I honestly think the sky’s the limit for you, Good Luck for the future and stay healthy.

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