At the July tapings for WCPW, we got the chance to sit down and interview Scottish wrestling phenomenon, Grado.

You are now a big name in Scottish Wrestling, being part of ‘Scot Squad’ and ‘River City’, how does it feel to have grown from the ‘Get Grado Booked’ campaign to what you are now?

Aye, it’s good! I didn’t think it would ever kick off as much as it did. But, yeah I’m so thankful that I get the chance to do stuff like ‘Scot Squad’ and ‘River City’ and other wee bits and bobs. At the end of the day, I’m promoting wrestling, so that’s the best thing. I love it when people watch ‘Scot Squad’ and then decide to go to a wrestling show. Massive difference from ‘Get Grado Booked’, the crowds have doubled, so yeah, I’m enjoying every minute of it.

What is the transition like from working as a wrestler to being in front of the cameras for TV?

Telly helps. I talk about telly and wrestling, I’m just the same as a wrestler as I am on TV. Hugh McCurdy is just me. It’s all improvised. I’m just like “Oh right, I’m a policeman now” and I act the way I would if I was part of the police.


When did you start watching wrestling?

I was pretty late to be a wrestling fan, probably Primary 7. At first, I hated it. But I saw The Rock on the telly and thought, “This guy’s the coolest c*** on the planet!” and from there I’ve never looked back. As soon as I had seen him I was obsessed, I was trading tapes so I could see wrestling from around the world and I became absolutely obsessed. I still am obsessed.

Being in America now, how does it differ for you and your connection with the fans?

The UK audience kinda gets me more and my humour. I’m very marmite in America, you either love me or you hate me. It’s hard to connect with Americans. I have to put my American voice on to talk to the other guys. I’m better using the accent and trying to get through it cause they canny understand me.

ICW has been your home for quite a few years now, with the recent growth and the event at the Hydro in November, did you ever see it getting this big?

Nah, I never saw it getting this big. At least not attempting the Hydro in Glasgow. Maybe the SCC, but when they announced the Hydro I was like, “What?!” But yeah it’s cool. Take a good whack and take it.


As a wrestling fan primarily, what’s the difference between Grado the fan and Grado the wrestler?

There is no difference. I’m still starstruck. I still act like a fan. I get away with it so I don’t give a f***. The way you would be in the locker room, it’s the exact same as I am.

What was your aim when you began wrestling?

Have a match. I’m thankful every time I go out to wrestle, I’m thankful when people buy my hats, I’m thankful for every tweet or re-tweet. It’s the best way to be, play it all by ear and be thankful.

“It’s Yersel” what does it mean?

If you haven’t seen anyone in a while and your walking down the street and you see a mate you’re like, “It’s Yersel!”

Finally, if you could have a match with anyone, who would it be?

The Rock, that’s easy.

Thank you to Grado for this interview and thank you to WCPW for allowing us to conduct this interview.