Only TWO DAYS until we hear those famous words … “Melissa Santos takes it away!” Lucha Underground will return for Season 3 on Wednesday, September 7th on the El Rey Network.

The network which has made this young wrestling company so famous has ordered 40 brand-new episodes of the movie style wrestling show with the series continuing as an hour-long show on Wednesday nights.

With unique wrestling storytelling that has been a breath of fresh air to the industry since its genesis in 2014 and is attracting more and more audiences from across the world thanks to the incredible work by producers Mark Burnett, Robert Rodriguez, Eric van Wagenen, Anthony Jensen and Chris DeJoseph.

What are we to expect in Season 3?

Who has the power over the temple? Will Dario Cueto somehow manage to escape the police following his arrest at the end of Season 2 ? Will Cueto manage to keep hold of the Temple with Matanza Cueto also being locked away, or will Katrina regain control?

Will there be a whole new power when the identity of the mystery man in the limousine is revealed?

Can Sexy Star become the new World Champion following her Gift Of The Gods win at Ultima Lucha Dos?Or will there be more wars between the Women Luchadoras as Taya, Ivelisse, Kobra Moon, Mariposa and Black Lotus battle it out?

Will Katrina’s supernatural side come out in full force once again and look to regain her power and dominate the temple ?

What’s next for Pentagon Dark following his World Title match with Matanza Cueto at Ultima Lucha Dos, in which he was defeated for the second time that season? When Pentagon infamously turned on his teacher and master, Vampiro, in a shocking betrayal which left Vamp bloodied inside the middle of the ring. These two are surely set for a bloody war.

Pentagon Dark will be trying to take his new darker side into the temple and look to finally capture the Lucha Underground World Title but in his way stands Matanza Cueto and, potentially, Vampiro.

Season 2 saw one of the greatest luchador matches I’ve ever seen in The Prince vs The King, Prince Puma vs Rey Mysterio Jr. What’s next in store for these two ? Will Rey Rey pursue the World Title to prove that he’s still the greatest luchador of all time? Or can Prince Puma become a 2 time World Champion? The only thing we know for sure is that both of these luchadors will look to tear down the temple.

Looking into Lucha Underground’s Season 3 trailer, could this be the end of Prince Puma. Rumours have been everywhere that this could be the last season for The Prince. During the trailer, we see that looks like Vampiro ripping Puma’s throat out. Could this be the death of the former World Champion?

Black Lotus is seen alongside several ninjas, will she have something to do with the escape of Dario Curto from the police?

Paul London joins the temple. Will the former WWE Tag Team Champion make a play for the Trios titles with some new friends?

Son Of Havoc is seen fighting with what looks like himself. How will this play out in Season 3? Will Havoc have to defeat a version of himself? The thing about Lucha Underground is that anything can happen and there is always some shocking twists and turns that you won’t see coming.

Sami Callihan makes his Lucha Underground debut as well. What is in store for him while he’s visiting the temple? Callihan looks a perfect fit for the company with his outstanding ring talent and unique storytelling ability. He is surely destined for success.

With Dario Cueto’s fate unclear, only one thing is for sure. The new season will bring even more death-defying action with a new set of luchadors ready to leave their mark on the Temple and anything can and probably will happen at Ultima Lucha Tres.

Until next time