Live from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, just one week out from ROH All Star Extravaganza, tonight’s main event has the ROH World champion Adam Cole teaming with fellow Bullet Club member Hangman Page as they face Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Silas Young vs Toru Yano (GHC World Tag Team Champion)

Young again set to face a Japanese import after his recent clash with Katsuyori Shibata at Death Before Dishonor . If you’ve not seen Yano before, then find away to do so immediately, very funny with a nice blend of tough MMA style wrestling.

The match started with Yano trying to shake hands with The Last Real Man but Young wasn’t having any of it, a typical start to a Toru match with a lot of comedic elements playing a little chase around the ring before hitting Young , Yano looked to remove the top turn buckle which is a regular occurrence during his matches but he was quickly cut off by the nasty Silas Young, The Last Real Man for me has been hitting consistent great matches this year for ROH coming off of another great bout with Shibata at DBD.

As we came back from the break, Yano managed to cut lose the top turnbuckle before hitting young with the pad to the face, before the two went toe to toe in the centre of the ring. Yano continued with his comedic approach to the match but The Last Real Man wasn’t having any of it before hitting a cutter for a close two count. Young continued to beat down the Japanese star with several high-octane moves. Yano though, managed to lore Silas into the exposed turnbuckle before rolling him up for a two. The finish came as Silas managed to hit a low blow to Yano before running him into the exposed buckle and a roll up for the three count.

Post-match, Young beatdown Toru before The Briscoes came in for the save. These men are set to face Jay White, ACH and Kushida at All Star Extravaganza in the ROH 6 man tournament.


Video package with Christopher Daniels talking about next Friday night’s Ladder War VI, The Fallen Angel talks about his time in pro wrestling and if he’s coming to the end of his career, how he needs to keep hold of the things that matter most to him mainly his family and the tag title. It was a very powerful and emotional promo from Daniels as he states how bad a husband/father he’s been and how much the ROH World Tag Team Titles mean to him, Daniels closes by saying he will risk and do anything to keep hold of titles. Very powerful indeed.

Cheeseburger vs Punishment Damian Martinez w/ Kevin Sullivan & B J Whitner.


Really interesting group these three, following the beat down of our beloved Steve Corino, Sullivan joined commentary for this squash match. Cheeseburger tried to take it to Martinez, but this massive man destroyed Cheeseburger in no time. The main talking point is Corino and Sullivan going at it on commentary. Corino refers to Sullivan as father throughout and wants to know why he sided with B J. Sullivan refers to Corino as his son and talks about how Steve is really Steve Corino. Back in the ring, Martinez hit a huge chokeslam to Cheeseburger for the win as B J enters to help with the beat down. Will Ferrara tries to make the side but gets laid out quickly.

Following a brief Ladder Wars VI promo, we’re back with Adam Cole… BAYBAY as he hypes tonight’s main event.

Adam Cole is on fire right now, on the microphone and inside the ring. There aren’t many better today.

B J Whitner has left the golden spike at ringside that laid out Corino at Death Before Dishonor. Corino asks Kevin Kelly if he thinks B J wants to meet him in the desert, to which Corino smiles and agrees he would go there.

Recap from during the break – Bj is in the ring trying to brainwash Corino into believing he’s not really Steve Corino and that all will be revealed shortly.

Kevin Kelly breaks down ROH All Star Extravaganza which is due to air Friday night on IPPV, Bobby Fish is backstage hyping his TV Title defence against Donovan Dijak before we go to the formerROH World Champion Jay Lethal as he talks his match with Tetsuya Naito, stating he’s going to “whip your ass” for turning his back on him.

Adam Cole is talking Friday’s Title Match with Michael Elgin, in 2010 both men started in the company together, Elgin won his first world title from Cole before leaving for NJPW, Cole states that he wants to prove that Elgin isn’t in his league.


Main Event – Kyle O’Reilly on commentary

Adam Cole & Hangman Page vs Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi

O’Reilly on commentary is hoping for Adam Cole to win at ASE so that he can rip off Cole’s head and win the World Title. I really hope these two face off at Final Battle, they have so much chemistry in the ring.

A decent main event from four excellent in-ring workers; is there a more improved wrestler in the world right now than Michael Elgin? Since moving to NJPW he’s improved in every way and has been hitting matches out of the park recently. Tanahashi hit a little “Tanahashi BAYBAY” pose, before being pulled to the outside for Hangman to hit a running shooting star to the two NJPW stars.

A nice back and forth tag match; I really enjoy the team of Elgin and Tanahashi as they really complement each other. I’d like to see them against each other in a long feud at some point in the future as well.

Cole mocked Tanahashi on several occasions before his Bullet Club teammate took over the bout with some excellent in-ring work. The finish came as Elgin hit a huge clothesline on Page then into a powerbomb, not before a missed double team manoeuvre from Elgin/ Tanahashi allowed Cole to come in for a superkick, Elgin managed to pick up the win however, after hitting Page with several huge forearms to the face before hitting a buckle bomb into a Elgin bomb for the three.

Post-match show, Cole and Elgin stand face to face in the centre of the ring with Cole holding the World Title up as the show ends.

A nice show, enjoyed the main event a lot, I honestly thought Christopher Daniels’ promo was the best of his career, really excited for Friday’s All Star Extravaganza.

Untill next time