In at 08 on the 2016 Top 10 Tag Teams: Enzo and Cass

The “Realest Guys in the Room” achieved one of the biggest pops of the modern era upon their main roster debut the night after WrestleMania. One of the most loved tag teams in NXT had been kicking goals in the months after their debut, despite never having captured the tag titles down in NXT. The absence of gold never dampened their spirits – as Enzo’s uncanny wit combines with Big Cass’ immense power, it’s the perfect mix of big guy-little guy, big charismatic presence plus big physical demeanour.

Both men combined have helped represent the face of the New Era, and have breathed life into the main roster tag division. In their pay-per-view match against the Club at Payback, Enzo sustained a frightening neck injury, and Cass was left to go at it alone until his partner recovered. A forshadow of what was destined for the 7-footer, Cass was eventually inserted into the Universal Title picture, much sooner than many had anticipated. While the dynamic of monster and manager would be quite a treat, for the time being anyway, Enzo and Cass are a tag team made in heaven, and we hope there are big things to come for the duo.

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Photo: Miguel Discart

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