In at 09 on the 2016 Top 10 Tag Teams: The UK Hooligans

Brothers Roy and Zak Knight are part of the famous Knight Dynasty, formed the The UK Hooligans in 2011,  the brothers have previously captured the HEW and RQW Tag Team Championships respectfully in 2012 and have continued to bring their own brand of entertainment and excitement to wrestling fans ever since.

But there is much more to The UK Hooligans than being part of a famous family, a crucial part of the World Association of Wrestling (WAW) owned by their father Ricky Knight based in Norwich, the brothers have had some of their best matches this year at the promotions TV taping’s and the infamous duo have proved that no matter where they wrestle fans can expect raucous and riotous tag team matches across the UK if they are involved in it.

This year they have been an integral part of Preston City Wrestling’s Tag Team Division challenging the likes of PCW Tag Team Champion’s Team Single in various chaotic matches as well as facing The London Riots and Ring of Honor’s War Machine. Not content with raising the bar   there, they became part of Insane Championship Wrestling’s late 2015 tour battling ICW Tag Team Champions Polo Promotions and the destructive NAK earning them new fans in the process. They didn’t stop there as they made their mark in Hope Wrestling and Target Wrestling as well, it is certainly clear that the resurgence of The UK Hooligans in 2015 through to 2016 is only just the beginning of demonstrating that they have much more to give to their fans and the wrestling industry alike.

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Photo: Tony Knox