In at Number 10 on the  SteelChair Magazine Top 10 Tag Teams of 2016, we have War Machine:

If you are sucker for big powerhouse tag teams and War Machine haven’t caught your attention then you need to re-evaluate.  Off the back of Ring of Honor’s 2014 Top Prospect tournament, this no nonsense tag team made up for Raymond Row and Hanson came together and quickly put everyone on notice.

Since then, the hard hitting duo have consistently blazed a path in ROH, leaving many a broken body in their wake; a trend which continued when they competed in Japan’s Pro Wrestling NOAH, which saw them narrowly miss returning Stateside as Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Tag Team Champions.

Despite losing their ROH tag team titles earlier in the year to The Addiction, Rowe and Hanson continue to showcase their highly impressive dominance and athletic ability. More recently Rowe and Hanson have brought their destruction across the pond working for promotions such as Discovery Wrestling in Edinburgh and Fight Club: PRO in Wolverhampton.

There are not too many men who can match the power of Rowe and Hanson and it can easily be said that they bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the tag team division within ROH, breaking up the fast paced junior heavyweight landscape of super-kicking and thigh-slapping.

They skyrocketed from day one and as long as they stay together and healthy, what is even more exciting is that they also have a long way to go.

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Photo: Marc Lungley