And the winners are… The Young Bucks

A group of hardcore internet wrestling fans and smart marks got the chance to vote for their favourite tag team of the year and they all chose The Young Bucks. I know, I was shocked too. Their 2016 started off by opening the event that year-on-year kicks off the wrestling calendar at the January 4 Tokyo Dome show (otherwise known as Wrestle Kingdom 10). In that barn burner of a match, they beat another team that made this list, reDRagon. Later, they earned themselves a hell of a coup. They played a pivotal role in removing A.J. Styles from his position as head of the Bullet Club, afterwards forming the Bullet Club sub-group The Elite with Kenny Omega (imagine the balls it takes to say that you’re the Elite of the best wrestling stable in the world).

They have also won the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship twice already this year with The Cleaner. And even after losing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship in February, they won it back in June for an unprecedented, record-breaking fifth time. As of writing, they still hold the title and remain one of the most exciting, trail-blazing, pioneering and exceptional tag teams in history. And to think, I couldn’t stand them when they were Generation Me in TNA.

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Photo: Courney Rose

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