In at 5 on the 2016 Top 10 Tag Teams: Sumerian Death Squad

In at number 5 is Europe’s best Tag Team The Sumerian Death Squad featuring Michael Dante and NXT bound Tommy End.

“What is it that makes the SDS what they are? Arguably one of the most unique tag teams that Europe has to offer, the SDS is known for creating atmospheres you are afraid of but can’t avert your eyes from.”

Another successful year for the two  as they capered the PROGRESS and  wXW Tag Team Titles, while going it alone in singles action Tommy End has seen most success featuring for companies such as PWG, EVOLVE, wXW and ICW before reportedly signing for WWE.

Sumerian Death Squad has had some excellent matches this past year when facing The Leaders OF The New School ( Sabre Jr & Marty Scurll )in Tommy Ends last match in xWx ,WarMachine at ICW UK Royale Rewards and The London Riots in a Losing Unit Must Disband Tables, Ladders & Chairs match at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 27: The Lost Art Of Suffering.

While this highly impressive tag team might have seen its best days, for now, one thing remains sure is that if NXT wished to have Tommy End in its tag team division anytime soon then they’ve a sure thing in Michael Dante and the Sumerian Death Squad.

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Photo: David J Wilson