The currently ever popular “Broken” Matt Hardy has expressed his interest in buying TNA Impact Wrestling via a tweet yesterday evening. It isn’t an outlandish statement as both the Hardy brothers, even Matt himself, would definitely be able to afford the company.

Hardy stated that his first decree as Owner of the slowly fading wrestling company would be to change its name. For those of you who don’t know, the TNA name was meant to act as a double entendre for the more adult themes of the show. It was thought of by Vince Russo (of course), and stands for both Total Nonstop Action, and the implicated Tits N Ass. So a name change for the company would be very much needed, in fact it is extremely surprising that they haven’t changed the name ages ago. This idea, though, is not unique and people should not hope for Hardy to buy the company for that fact alone, as Billy Corgan who also has expressed interest in buying the company, and has been heavily rumoured to be taking over the company once their televised shows have caught up with the tapings, has also stated that he would change the name as well.

Currently, there has been no confirmation of the sale of the company to any name, the top contenders are Billy Corgan, WWE and Aroluxe Marketing, all that is known is that TNA have enough funds for show tapings to be televised up till the end of December. The current rumour is that Billy Corgan will take full control over the company, and WWE will gain past Impact shows for the WWE Network.

Though I believe Corgan might be the most likely to gain the company, I wouldn’t mind seeing it go to Hardy as he has shown with the Deletion Series that he knows how to create a buzz in the wrestling world, and it would be interesting to see what direction he’d take the company.

Here are Hardy’s tweets:



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