Welcome to another edition of This Week on NXT, where the un-official theme will be O Canada because we’re heading to Toronto baby! (Well I wont, i’ll be stuck in England where we get three days of sun and call it the best summer in years). The Promos for Takeover are the bulk of this episode sadly but then that’ll give us more content to watch when the PPV start. So, without further delay, here’s what happened.

Kicking off the show tonight is Liv Morgan Vs Peyton Royce with Billie Kay at ring side. The match is quite slow which doesn’t help with the audience seemingly out for lunch for this one. There are two highlights with both Morgan and Royce getting in some creative submission moves. However, Morgan’s move is broken up by BIllie Kay which lets Morgan have the win by DQ but they are not finished with her just yet. Suddenly, here comes Aliyah! and she’s taken out pretty easily. You say to yourself “isn’t there someone who can help?”. Then you see her emerging from the distance. It can’t be?! It is!?..

Ember “Makin the crowd pop and they just can’t stop” Moon appears and manages to save both Aliyah and Liv. A boring match that eventually leads to Ember doing what she does best: kick ass, which isn’t all bad.

When you get a look like this, you know it’s about to get messy

Along with build up to the PPV we also get a recap of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and how far we’ve come since it began. During a video package we learn that Paul Ellering will not be able to interfere in the match as he’ll be put in the cage suspended against the ring. This could work to stop him attacking TM61 or it could be a seed for a story in which to grow his new gimmick as a Go Go Dancer. Only time will tell. As for my prediction between the Authors of Pain and TM61, I feel TM61 will win it but it wont be a walk in the park for them. If i’m wrong then feel free to insult me on my personal twitter.

Next up the return is here, who is it? Elias Samson. The Return. The Drifter. The one guy that always brings his guitar to a party. I made that last one up but I’m not the only one that was impressed as the crowd are having none of it either. Elias faces off against Nathan Cruz who admittedly does well in fighting back but sadly gets dominated. Samson even stops his own pin to beat him down some more or he thinks he’s in WWE 2K17 and he hasn’t done enough to earn a five star match. Samson takes the win.

Elias Samson
The love child of Seth Rollins and Bob Dylan has appeared to serenade us

The heat with Liv Morgan and Billie Kay continues as Ember Moon, Aliyah and Morgan call out Kay & Royce telling them to find a third person and then come find them. Three on Three with these characters? Can’t wait.

Throughout this last part of the show we are getting promo’s for DIY vs The Revival, Asuka vs Mickie James, Tye Dillinger vs Bobby Roode, and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Samoa Joe. The match cards for NXT Takeover: Toronto look amazing and hopefully will be as good as the last PPV in Brooklyn. My prediction for these matches are that DIY, Dillinger, Asuka and Nakamura will win their respected matches. For this PPV you don’t get hyped, you stay hyped! (sorry for making you remember the Hype Bros are a thing)

Lastly there is a match between Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas vs Cedric Alexander. Almas is very cocky in this match just by taking his time to pose like he’s in a magazine. However it doesn’t last long as Alexander puts up a decent fight and shows off his athletic ability with many flips. There’s corner slaps, Mid air drop kicks, a suicide dive and even a hanging triangle on the ropes. Both men fight extremely well and then it culminates with Alexander reversing into a Lumbar Check. Unfortunately for Alexander, Almas picks up the win with a Hammer lock DDT. An entertaining match with fun spots in between. Hopefully the PPV coming up will quench the thirst for more matches after this slight drought for the show.

As one great man once said “BAH GAWD”

Join me later this week when we recap Takeover this Saturday and where we’ll see if any predictions of mine have come true. This has been This Week on NXT for the 16th November 2016.

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