It’s finally here, we’ve got the maple syrup and the moose ready. It’s time for NXT Takeover. Excitement for this has been buzzing for me ever since the last Takeover in Brooklyn and I’m looking forward to see what surprises are in store for us this time. So let’s jump straight into this.

Firstly we see the one of the two things I currently need in my life (We’ll get to the other one later). A choir sings Bobby “GLORIOUS…” it’s Roode’s entrance theme. Whenever I finally meet up with the rest of the writing team on this site, I’ll be sure to use Roode as my template for an entrance. Our first match is between Mr Glorious himself vs Tye Dillinger who is so over with the crowd that they’re constantly shouting ten whenever the referee counts. Seriously every time, that took commitment. A strong back and forth between these two guys ensues which is enjoyably fast paced and we even get an homage to Bret Hart with a sharp shooter from Dillinger, But Roode manages to come out on top even when nefarious attempts like trying to use his opponents finisher and using the ropes on the pin fail. Dillinger gets a round of applause for his work but all we can see is him feeling broken inside and mouthing the words “I’m sorry”. A very strong opening to the PPV and enjoy seeing these two try to out do each other is very entertaining, this feud is probably not over and hopefully Tye can get some redemption at one point.

It was pretty glorious to be honest

Next is the final of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with the Authors of Pain vs TM-61. Another strong match as we get a few entertaining spots from TM-61, Shane Thorne jumps off the side of a for heavens sake so you’ve got to give him credit for that. Another highlight is with TM-61 making their hurricanrana collide with both members of the Authors of Pain, The match doesn’t go fully one sided as TM-61 had to deal with Paul Ellering (Who is suspended above the ring in a cage, couldn’t have just lock him in a room away from the ring? but I digress) manages to throw a chain down to use as a weapon, this sadly didn’t work for the AoP but they managed to win. This was a fun spectacle match with memorable moments spread out and shows how much of a dominant force this tag team can be.

Paul will kill you
The look of a man that could kill you himself without the need his two monsters 

Tag Team Title time, DIY vs The Revival in a two out of three falls match. Firstly the build up for this match has been interesting to follow. DIY came so close to winning the titles before but fell short, and recently after being screwed over in the Dusty Classic they are back with an even stronger motive to win. The first fall goes to the revival which doesn’t bode well for the fan favourites. The match continues and immediately loving all the technical ability on show tonight from these two teams and how coordinated it all is. The second fall goes to DIY after they came close to being taken down by their own finisher, but is reversed so DIY counter to use The Revival’s finisher. All squared up now things will get intense, we think it’s all over when Scott Dawson uses the figure four on Gargano, but no! he grabs the ropes. It all comes to an end when both Gargano and Ciampa use their submission holds on The Revival forcing both men to tap. DIY are your new NXT Tag Team Champions! This match is contender for match of the year, I’m not even kidding. A satisfying conclusion for these two guys and was worth the build up.

“Don’t you let go Mr Frodo”

Next up Asuka vs Mickie James, Starts off well with a warm welcome to James being back in the WWE and we even see signs of mutual competitive respect from both competitors. But leaves room for taunting from James who mimics a kiss motion at Asuka. We are now all trying to delete the memory of Mickie James at Wrestlemania doing a certain motion with her hand and her face, you know the one I mean. We get an evenly matched fight with both people getting good moves and reversals on each other, hinting that it could go either way. After some impressive submission techniques and spots at ringside, Asuka manages to lock in a submission leaving Mickie James to tap. Cementing Asuka’s heel status, James goes in for a handshake after a hard fought battle but Asuka chooses to lift her title in the air and smile over her victory. Definitely a highlight of the night and more credibility for Asuka and now we wonder who could possibly take her down?

Asuka was really taking the Mickie… No one get that? Okay moving on.

Finally the main event and the second thing I need in my life. Shinsuke Nakamura entrance featured multiple violinists playing his theme. Combine this with a choir and I’m pretty much set for life. Even though I’m pretty sure the music was just the .mp3 theme playing, its the thought that counts. This clash starts immediately, picks up steam fast and really feels like the feuds pent up aggression is finally able to come out. Joe manages to dominate for a considerable amount of time but Nakamura manages to keep him at bay. Joe’s strength and technical skill keeps him dominant but Nakamura’s Kinshasa takes him out, 1, 2… Kick out. Whether it’s intentional or not Joe is bleeding but fights on, he slams Nakamura onto the steel steps, uses the muscle buster and just like that it’s over. Samoa Joe is your new NXT Champion.

The power of Samoa Joe was in full force tonight

Overall the matches were engaging and entertaining in different ways, we saw the low points of some characters and we saw the high points of when they are happiest. A lot of variety and fun went into this PPV and I thoroughly enjoyed it, now all that’s left is for Survivor Series to try and top what’s been done tonight. The height bar has been set.

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