The Internet exploded in a fiery rage, when the returning Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar in the main event of WWE Survivor Series in Toronto, Canada. In one minute and 25 seconds, with two Spears and a Jackhammer, a 49-year-old man demolished ‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar. Goldberg brought his son into the ring to ensue celebrations, and the closing graphics rolled as I attempted to lift my jaw from the ground.

How could this happen? Bill Goldberg, in a match billed to be “12 years in the making” since their original confrontation at WrestleMania XX, utterly embarrassed his opponent. Not just any opponent at that, but the ‘Conqueror’. The 1 in 21-1. The murderously booked man-eating machine Brock Lesnar, got his arse absolutely handed to him in the most dismissive fashion plausible.

Moreover, WHY in God’s name did this happen?

My instinctive inner monologue is accompanied by a range of expletives, and the assumption that this was purely an exploitative booking decision for the sake of promoting WWE 2K17. Nonetheless, it has instantly desecrated 2 years of abhorrently dominant booking in favour of Lesnar, and has in turn come at the expense of the streak.

So, does this mean… Goldberg > Lesnar > The Undertaker? Does this mean we’re getting Goldberg vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania? Could you think of anything worse?

Yes. The crushing reality of what went down at Survivor Series, sees the dismantling of a story over two years in the making. Current roster wrestlers have battled with the hardcore fans, who persist on idolising established names of yesteryear. “The Attitude Era was a better time for wrestling.” Attitude Era stars have an air of legacy that current stars can never achieve in the eyes of hardcore smarks. How can we ever shake this abysmal black dog, if WWE continues to rely on star power from a bygone era?

The biggest heartbreak from Survivor Series, saw the chance for a new star to be made stolen in under two minutes. The rub that could have been provided by Lesnar to create a new face of the company, has been recklessly obliterated, for the sake of a man past his prime. It’s devastating.

While unpredictability is much needed, and given its rarity is usually welcomed with open arms when it appears, shock factor should NEVER substitute the opportunity for natural story telling.

What if this is a set up for a potential trifecta of matches between Lesnar and Goldberg? Having known this before the Survivor Series match, I would have gladly set my soul on fire. However, in the manner it all went down, something big must be coming.

Survivor Series was packed wall-to-wall with “moments”. Moments took preference over obvious storytelling objectives. This isn’t news – WWE have programmed like this for years. So why should we trust them to make something out of this?

Something about this moment in time will be iconic. How do I know? When was the last time wrestling fans have had something to feel this frenzied by? When was the last time you felt this kind of emotion at the hands of a WWE angle?

What will happen on Raw? WIll we see an entirely new Lesnar? How can we trust that WWE won’t completely f*** this up? We can’t, really. This could well be a repeat of the fallout of the end of the streak. Or perhaps, the ending of the streak had a purpose all along.

Monday Night Raw has a lot to answer for.

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