They started off at the Maryhill community centre, they went onto the Classic Grand, they conquered the O2 ABC, the famous Barrowlands didn’t stand in their way, the SECC did not know what hit it last year and last night, in one of Europe’s largest venues, Insane Championship wrestling continued their rollercoaster to the top with their 9th annual Fear and Loathing show. A crowd of 6,000 emerged into the Glasgow arena to see Kurt Angle, Team 3D and Ricochet make their ICW debut’s, the return of Finn Balor and as well as some of the best British wrestlers in the country today showing why this small company from Glasgow has become one of the most must see promotions in the world.

1. Joe Hendry vs Davey Blaze w/ The Wee Man
What better way to start the biggest show of the year off than with the best wrestling entrance in the world. The local hero Joe Hendry. This match was a good opener, it was well paced and the crowd were noisy for it which is what you want in an opener. Davey Blaze took possibly one of the best bumps of the night when he was suplexed on the ramp. I actually felt for him when it happened despite him being the heel. Nevertheless the Local Hero continues to be one the most popular stars in ICW and there is no doubt there is bigger things to come for him.


Joe Hendry defeated Davey Blaze via pinfall

2. Kay Lee Ray vs Carmel (c) vs Viper in a Triple Threat for the ICW Women’s Championship
One of the best matches on the night. All three women went out and killed each other for a solid 15 minutes. There were so many crazy bumps outside the ring in this match and they pulled off every move perfectly. The agility of Viper is a joy to watch, she can fly around that ring and she really impresses with the certain moves she does. However Kay Lee Ray stole the match, she is just on another level to everyone else, she works so well as a heel but clearly knows how much the fans love her. Carmel going on the mic after the match seemed to drag on and I know the show would have been tight for times but it was for her to compliment Kay Lee who will no doubt be on WWE’s radar soon.
Kay Lee Ray defeated Viper & Carmel via pinfall to win the ICW Women’s Championship

3. Stevie Boy vs BT Gunn in a Casket Match
This could have been match of the night as the chemistry these two have is incredible. However there was something slightly missing to make it a show stealer. BT Gunn is on point with his chops and superkicks, I always tell everyone that he is the best person I’ve ever seen executing a superkick and last night was no different, he hit they kicks on Stevie for fun last night. I was surprised that Stevie actually got the victory as I don’t know where this leaves BT Gunn, hopefully he further develops this death like character as it’s fun to be creeped out whenever he does his promos or makes his entrances. The casket stipulation was needless as it really didn’t mean anything and they didn’t make a big deal out of it enough for me to really buy into it. Still, it was a decent match and the two always put on a show when their in the same ring together.
Stevie Boy defeated BT Gunn

4. Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) vs Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon)
Bubba Ray got on the mic before the match started and said this was the “biggest tag match in ICW history” however it did not live up to the hype. This match was probably the worst on the card, both teams just didn’t click. I’m not sure what was up with the Dudley’s but every move I wanted them to do they botched. When they hit the 3D in Mark Coffey it was probably the worst botch of the night (Bubba didn’t even catch him when Devon threw him up) it was that bad. The match seemed rushed and the ending was ruined due to the fact that it had to be Davey Blaze who got put through the table and he wasn’t even in the match. I love both teams but it just didn’t work last night and it could have been so much more if it had the right time.
Polo Promotions defeated Team 3D via pinfall

5. Kenny Williams vs Zack Gibson vs  Lionheart (c) vs Aaron Echo vs Andy Wild vs Iestyn Reeves in a Stairway to Heaven match for the ICW Zero G Championship
So the commissioner Mick Foley added Kenny Williams to the match and thank goodness he did. Without “The Bollocks” there would have been zero excitement factor in this match. Although it was obvious Kenny would be added he just needed to be in the match as without him it would have been a slow and boring ladder match. Liam Thompson partially was the best thing about the match however as he went on a short spree of just hitting the backstabber on opponents which was a pretty cool moment. Kenny winning the title was the best outcome, he will bring something to the Zero G title that was lacking when Lionheart was champion. There is only so much you can do when all your heel work goes into showing your middle finger to fans, it wasn’t working with Lionheart but now Kenny is the champ for a second time the crowd can get behind him and the Zero G championship matches will now have a champ than people are interested in.
Kenny Williams won the Stairway to Heaven match to become the Zero G Champion

6. Lewis Girvan vs Ricochet
Undoubtedly match of the night. This was the first time I have seen Lewis Girvan and now I know why he calls himself the “best young wrestler” as he matched Richochet’s offense with his own last night.


Even as soon as the bell rang we were treated to an incredible outside dive by Ricochet who took out Girvan, security and even a fan! As the match went on the fun increased. They both seemed like they have wrestled each other for years as it was so fluent with reversals, pins and chain wrestling. I was surprised Ricochet put Girvan over but it didn’t bother me because it was an absolute joy to watch.
Lewis Girvan defeated Ricochet via submision

7. Trent Seven vs Wolfgang (c) in a Steel Cage match for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Despite the stipulation I wasn’t entirely interested in this match purely because I don’t like Trent Seven and don’t really think he’s ready to be the top guy if that’s what they’re trying to do. For a cage match it had what was expected, the finish was quite cool with Seven punching Wolfgang off the cage resulting in Wolfgang falling through tables but winning as he was the first to escape. Nice idea. Wolfgang retaining was what needed to happen as like I said Trent Seven isn’t ready to be the champion despite him having a following he’s nowhere near over as the likes of Grado or Renfrew.
Wolfgang defeated Trent Seven by escaping the cage to retain the ICW World Heavyweight Championship

8. Team Dallas (Grado, D.C.T, Sha Samuels & Chris Renfrew) vs The Black Label (Drew Galloway, Bram, Kid Fite & Jack Jester) for 100% control of ICW


This was just a massive brawl. Nothing else. Everyone was everywhere in this match it really just got a bit chaotic, not that that’s a bad thing. Eliminations happened very fast and before you knew it we had 2 on 1 with Galloway and Jester vs Renfrew. The Jester turn was looking more likely the more Galloway got at him and everyone in the arena knew Balor would run in at some point. Although it would have been nice to see him have more of an impact it was still good to see him help Team ICW win control. Overall this match seemed to be over really quick and I thought it really should have main evented as it was the biggest story of the show. Nevertheless it was nice to a big brawl around the ring for an entire fight instead of the normal 4 on 4 tag matches you see.
Chris Renfrew pinned Drew Galloway to gain 100% control for Mark Dallas

9. Joe Coffey vs Kurt Angle
This match seemed like an afterthought after the tag match. As main events go it wasn’t a great finale to a decent show. Angle got a decent reaction but it was nothing special. The only thing I took notice in the match was Joe Coffey’s face paint which seemingly had transferred onto Kurt Angle who was blue by the end of the match. I’m surprised Angle tapped out, very unusual for someone like him but perhaps in his older age he just puts over the hometown person. By the time of the main event the show had been on for almost 4 hours and people around me were really not interested while the match went on so it didn’t perhaps get the reaction it deserved. It could have been much better though maybe like a few matches on the card but Kurt Angle didn’t miss a step and is still as good as he always will be. Joe Coffey continues to be the man their pushing for something big but he really needs to ditch the face paint gimmick, it worked last year but it’s lost it’s appeal now. If I was booking this show that wouldn’t have went on last, a main event on paper perhaps but there were far more fitting matches that could have ended the show.
Joe Coffey defeated Kurt Angle via Submission


Overall this show really didn’t match last year’s Fear and Loathing which completely blew the roof off the SECC. There were times last night I was thinking why certain decisions were made and the biggest issue I have is time. The show seemed rushed as it went on and it was made apparent in the 4 on 4 which was over in a flash. Nevertheless the roster of ICW should be proud, this is a massive achievement on their way to becoming giants in the world of wrestling and from here I’m not sure where they can go. Obviously they did not sell the Hydro out but who’s to say that next year then can build on the crowd that was there last night. With Fear and Loathing X coming from the Hydro again next year they will need to do something massive to ensure it is the best ICW show of all time. As for last night it was decent but I have certainly seen and could have seen better.


Photography by David J Wilson

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