As both PPV’s come to a close we can finally take a breather and sit back with a chilled edition of This Week on NXT. As this week’s episode was a taping following Takeover: Toronto we shouldn’t expect a lot to happen as we’ll probably get recaps of all the previous matches.

The first match today is between Rich Swann vs Kona Reeves. As a side note I’m still unsure the WWE know where the home of the cruiser weights are? Is it a Raw? because we see them quite a lot on NXT, and then there’s 205 Live which is another place where they will feature apparently. So either the WWE don’t know what to do with these guys, or they are all squatters. Anyways a fairly standard match ensues until a surprise interference by the stable Sanity. They utterly squash Reeves and Swann and make a statement to the WWE universe, saying that they will take what they want and they are not seeking approval. Yeah! They aren’t going to live by your standards anymore Dad! Screw the rules, fight the power and what not. Okay it doesn’t go that far but Eric Young did cut a good promo.

Can anyone stop them?

During that Rich Swann’s partner No Way Jose gets down to the ring to check on him, and wanting to defend his friend calls out Eric Young wanting to take him on by himself. Jose puts up a decent defence against Sanity but ultimately is outnumbered and is taken out. It’s announced next week we’ll get to see No Way Jose take on Eric Young one on one in sanctioned match. This was a decent segment that adds some more credibility for Sanity as a stable and how dangerous they can be.

We’re now getting recap and interview segments filling out the rest of the show from Authors of Pain, DIY, Tye Dillenger, Mickie James, and even Shinsuke Nakamura. Two of the best moments came from DIY and Tye. DIY’s was filled with happy relief and the feeling of gratefulness that they have managed to get this far, Ciampa even says that the titles represent “everything we’ve worked for”. Honestly it makes me feel happy that they’ve got the titles as it feels like they’ve earned it, and managed to pull off a possible match of the year contender in the process. So once again I have to congratulate Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano on their win, you deserve it.

The other best moment goes to Tye as you can sympathise with the guy, we’ve all had that situation where we’ve felt like we’ve let our friends and family down by coming up short or not delivering on expectations. But what I love about this is the attitude he expresses by saying about the fans in attendance “if they didn’t give up on me, then I shouldn’t give up on me”. Damn it Tye, now I don’t want the 10 chants to ever stop.

The final match of this evening is a 6 woman tag team match up featuring Liv Morgan, Aliyah & Ember “Bring me an actual challenge please” Moon vs Billie Kay, Peyton Royce and Daria Berenato. Strong start with both Liv Morgan and Aliyah dominating until Daria takes control of the match. Soon Ember manages to get the hot tag and lay waste to the opposing team. However after each team member is taken out by the other leaving Billie Kay the only one standing. She manages to direct Daria back to the ring and tag her in although she very gingerly steps through the ropes. As she enters feeling very ill-equipped to deal with the next opponent. Then suddenly (almost out-of-nowhere you might say) Ember manages to pull off her Diving Corkscrew Stunner, although a little botched it still worked effectively and winning the match.

Real challenge soon? Please?

This show was okay, was mostly filler but what was presented was fine. Worth a watch if you want more okay women’s matches in your life then it’s suitable. What was announced at the end of the show was a rematch between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura in 2 weeks time. I can’t resist so people of the world! Don’t get hyped! Stay Hyped!

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