Slobber Knocker Box is a monthly subscription service where wrestling nerds alike can get a uniquely packaged box of wrestling themed merchandise delivered right to their front door. With subscriptions starting at just £8.00 per month there’s every reason why you should join in the fun and get your hands on some brilliant wrestling stock.

Welcome to the first in a new series of reviews here at VultureHound where a different writer will have the opportunity to unveil a new box full of wrestling merchandise each month.

The Opening

Waiting for me as I got home from a day in the office – no, not the VultureHound office. My real job where I earn money doing something I hate – was this delightful little bundle of joy known as the Slobber Knocker Box. As well as the branding on top of the box there is a list of ways to connect with the company on all your favourite social media accounts. The website is also located on the side of the box just in case your forgot where you ordered the goods from.

The box
The box

The Goods

Inside the box was a neatly folded pair of t-shirts that both came with matching items to follow. The first was a stylish black t-shirt with the address for the home of ECW across the front. The 2300 South Swanson Street tee will be worn with pride at the next wrestling event I attend. Accompanying this item was a ‘Forever Hardcore’ documentary dvd. The film, which features over 2 hours of content, includes interviews with extreme wrestling legends like Terry Funk, Sandman, Sabu and everyone’s favourite slasher, New Jack (I’m sorry, please don’t kill me). I can’t wait to stay in this weekend and watch it!

As you can tell, I'm not a model
As you can tell, I’m not a model

The next t-shirt inside this box-full of goodies is my favourite. Paired with a special christmas card for that special Jerichoholic in your life was a red t-shirt with phrases from Chris Jericho’s latest gimmick etched over the front. This little festive treat captures the gift of Jericho this Christmas and is a definite item to put on your list.

"Drink it in, maaaaaaaan"
“Drink it in, maaaaaaaan”

As I continued to delve through the items I noticed there was more visual stimulants for my perusal. Alongside the extreme wrestling documentary was an Impact Wrestling DVD – ‘X Division Extravaganza 2014’. Featuring a stacked card of X Division matches with the likes of Low Ki, Rockstar Spud and Petey Williams to name a few, there is also a ladder match between Bad Influence and the Wolves in the EC3 Challenge. The main selling point of this feature is an X Division Championship Match between Austin Aries and Sanada. Considering this was something that took place before I made my return to watching wrestling in my adult years I was none the wiser to much of TNA’s content. I’ll be Looking forward to sitting down with the whole family and taking in one of NXT’s greatest stars today during his time in Total Nonstop Action.

What a lovely pair of visual stimulants you have.
What a lovely pair of visual stimulants you have.

Capping off this months treat are two signed posters, a Jack Gallagher fridge magnet and a pack of TNT Extreme Wrestling stickers. Joseph Connors, who recently lost the WCPW Title to Drew Galloway, is centred in the first signed poster for TNT. The extreme legend, Shane Douglas, lines up in the second signed photo from Slobber Knocker Box. The fridge magnet will be a nice little reminder to watch ‘205 Live’ on Tuesdays after SmackDown as I hope to see Jack Gallagher make his charge for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The pack of stickers (which are the second instalment from the brand) includes the likes of Chris Ridgeway and the Hooligans as well as the TNT World Championship and the company logo. It might be time to start collecting them all and complete a valuable collection.

TNT Extreme Wrestling Stickers: Part II
TNT Extreme Wrestling Stickers: Part II

Referees Decision

Being the first of the VultureHound wrestling writers to review the Slobber Knocker Box gives it an automatic thumbs up in my biased opinion. Topped off with two fantastic t-shirts and plenty of visual content to keep me pleased there’s only one word to describe this months sample: “Awweeeesoooome” – The Miz

Be sure to check out the Slobber Knocker Box to order your monthly bundle today!

By Bradley Tiernan

"Wrestling is better than the things you like" - John Oliver

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