This year the WWE announced that they would be crowning a WWE United Kingdom Champion, by hosting a Championship Tournament, a 16-competitor, two-day event held at Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom, airing live and exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network, featuring some of the best talent the U.K. has to offer. The last man standing at the end of the tournament will be crowned champion and awarded the title.
One name was omitted from the list, until today, Mark Andrews. Easily one of the premier high-flyers in the world, his athleticism and talent has been in full display in promotions such as ATTACK Wrestling, Fight Club Pro, Fight Nation UK and Progress Wrestling.

Image by Turning Face

Today WWE confirmed that Mark Andrews had been entered the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Representing his home country of Wales in the two-day tournament, this means all parts of the United Kingdom as being represented.

As said earlier, he is one of the best high-flying talents in the world, and against his competition who are largely ground based brawlers, fans will see just exactly what ‘Mandrews; can do.

Image by The Ringside Perspective

Admittedly for fans who have only seen him in Impact Wrestling over the past year may not understand how important it is to have Andrews in the Tournament, do yourself a favour look at the back catalogue from the promotions I mentioned earlier and you will see exactly why Mark Andrews in the WWE United Kingdom Tournament is something of a game changer and something you should tune in to the WWE Network to see  WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament when it airs at 14th and 15th January.

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