After I long long hiatus the LU reviews are back! Rather than jump straight in at episode 18 I thought a little catch up would be necessary. Are you sitting comfortably?

The Monster Matanza Cuteo’s reign of terror continued as defeated every challenger that attempted to take his title. That was until Aztec Warfare that is when Rey Mysterio pinned him eliminating from the match allowing Sexy Star to make history and capture the Lucha Underground Championship title!

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However and extremely disappointingly the dream did not last and the dastardly Johnny Mundo stole the belt in the most devious manner – the good ol’ brass knucks tucked in his undies!

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Dario Cueto’s mysterious dealings with unnamed, unseen and possibly inhuman characters came to ahead and after challenging Cage to a best-of-five match and presented him with what can only be described as a magical powered gauntlet that will turn him into the vessel for the second coming!

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After his loss to Mysterio in season 2 Prince Puma began acting in a very uncharacteristic way. Vampiro after losing his previous protege, Pentagon Dark, noticed Puma’s bad attitude and offered his services to become his master and truly embrace the dark-side. Puma spurned Vampiro’s advice until his feud with Mil Muretes culminated in a Grave Consequences match, in which he lost. After waking up inside a coffin he submitted to Vampiro’s calling! A darker and more bad-ass Prince Puma can only be a good thing.

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Speaking of Pentagon Dark, after 2 season of breaking arms he finally got his comeuppance against the Black Lotus Triads – Three bad-ass female assassins led by Black Lotus – who beat him down and broke both of his arms!

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The open door policy of Lucha Underground has seen new Luchadores regularly enter the Temple. AR Fox, Paul London and Sami Callahan have all made a huge impact on proceedings. And there is also a huge snake man aptly named by the fans as Luchasaurus and it’s amazing!

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As well as all of this awesome arcade-style, fantasy character-driven epic-ness the match quality has been second -to-none. Here are my top 5 must-see-matches;

1. Mil Muertes v Prince Puma – Grave Consequences – Episode 10

2. Killshot v Marty the Moth – Weapons of Mass Destruction Match – Episode 2

3. Killshot v Dante Fox – Episode 12

4. Jeremiah Crane v Killshot v Marisposa v Dante Fox – Episode 15

5. Pentagon Dark v The Black Lotus Triad Clan – Episode 13

Of course there has been a hell of a lot more going on but to express it all would take a gargantuan Joycean effort!

Stay Tuned for weekly reviews of the best wrestling show EVER!


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