To add to the ever growing list of UK based wrestling promotions, 5 Star Wrestling announced that they will now air their latest show in Dundee Ice Arena on Spike TV for British television. This was announced via former WWE superstar Drew Galloway on both Twitter and Facebook.

The event is set to have Carlito, Johnny Mundo, and Rey Mysterio perform for the event. During the announcement video, Galloway also announced that Kurt Angle would make an appearance working on the commentary team and that a series has been commissioned by Spike TV & Channel for a tournament to be held by 5 Star Wrestling after this event.

In all honesty, British wrestling is on fire at the moment. With World of Sports Wrestling returning recently, WWE bringing in the UK tournament, and the countless Independent wrestling promotions making a name for themselves like ICW or PROGRESS. We are seeing a climb in popularity and people are starting to take notice. Could this be a shot to take wrestling back into the mainstream? Nothing is impossible after all. Either way, this is a great time to be a British wrestling fan so go out there and enjoy yourself.


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