WWE.com announced earlier tonight that none other Kurt Angle will be inducted into the upcoming Hall of Fame Class of 2017! Rumours and speculation regarding Angle’s return have been going around for years but picked up momentum recently as it was noted that he had stopped taking independent bookings. This time round the dirt sheets have been proved right as one of the most popular and decorated WWE Superstars will make his much anticipated return to the WWE stage. In what capacity we will have to wait and see

It is no secret that the WWE were extremely worried about his physical health at the time of his departure due to the severe issues with his neck and the drug and alcohol abuse which stemmed from it. It will be very interesting to see whether the WWE deem him capable of that one last match after he continued to put on stellar matches in NJPW, TNA and many independent promotions for the years. However, in light of the recent concussion cases and Daniel Bryan’s retirement this seems highly unlikely but one can always dream!

There are of course many other ways that Angle can become an integral part of the WWE again. Always a great talker with charisma and personality he could easily become and on-air GM, a commentator or an NXT coach providing invaluable experience and knowledge to the next generation of WWE Superstars. But I am holding out for a surprise Rumble appearance!

Welcome back Kurt!

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