New Japan had a lot to prove starting off 2017. They had rebounded incredibly well in 2016 after the loss of 4 top stars (AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) and were looking to make waves in the wrestling world right out of the gate. They have succeeded completely with shocking many fans by having Suzuki-Gun make an exciting return to New Japan. After originally forming in 2011 when Minoru Suzuki took over as leader of the stable (then called Kojima-gun, after leader Satoshi Kojima), Suzuki-Gun has been out of NJPW for 2 years, working instead in Pro Wrestling NOAH. This return invasion is a breath of fresh air for some and a questionable choice to others, as Suzuki-Gun are known to create mayhem whenever they’re involved. If you’re new to the Suzuki-Gun faction, here are some key points about each member that may give some insight into why they may be such a threat to the title picture scene in New Japan.


  • Suspended from NJPW with 30% pay cut for infidelity
  • 1 time NJPW IWG Jr Tag Team Champion with stablemate Taka Michinoku

El Desperado

  • Sent to work in CMLL by New Japan as a Young Lion
  • 1 time Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Jr Tag Team Champion with Taka Michinoku

Takashi Iizuka

  • 3 Time NJPW IWGP Tag Team Champion
  • 50 year old, 31 year wrestling veteran
  • “Insane” gimmick; led to the ring on a leash but often escapes

Taka Michinoku

  • WWF Inaugural Light Heavyweight Champion
  • Co-founder of Suzuki-Gun
  • Founder/Promotor for Kaientai Dojo

Yoshinobu Kanemaru

  • One of the newer members of Suzuki-Gun; recruited at Pro Wrestling NOAH
  • Most reigns in NOAH: GHC Jr Heavyweight Championship 7 times
  • 4 time Pro Wrestling NOAH Jr Tag Team Championship

Killer Elite Squad (Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr.)

  • 2 time NJPW IWGP Tag Team Champions
  • 2 time Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Tag Team Champions
  • Archer is a former TNA roster member; Smith a former WWE performer

Minoru Suzuki

  • Possibly the intimidating man on the planet
  • Known and respected for his stiff, hard-hitting style
  • Legend of Japanese Wrestling
  • Match Recommendation: AJ Styles vs Minoru Suzuki (NJPW G1 Climax 2014)

The upcoming New Japan shows in February will be ones to keep an eye on if purely to see how Suzuki-Gun is booked. Every member of the Suzuki-Gun stable currently has a match for the upcoming New Beginning events, many of them in major title matches. No matter the outcome of these matches, Suzuki-Gun is going to play a massive role in New Japan this year, and we should all be prepared for the destruction they will bring.

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