After the success of the WWE Cruiserweight Tournament came 205Live, a show that showcases the talents of the Cruiserweight Division and where the Cruiserweight Championship can be defended. Also after the success of WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament, there are discussions that the WWEUK Championship Division may have its own show like 205Live but due to time constraints going forward it looks as if that Championship may seem to have the title defended on NXT for now.

However, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it seems that there are advanced discussions within WWE that they are contacting talent from Asia in preparation for a tournament working the exact same way to the UK Championship tournament that was held this time in Asia.

Question is why is WWE making plans to hold another tournament so quickly after holding one in January? Possibly with recent announcements from WhatCulture Pro Wrestling and 5*Wrestling separately holding a 64 man and a 128 man tournaments with wrestlers from across the world, it seems this possibly could be an attempt from to circumvent these plans or gain a stronger foothold in that area.

It is understood that wrestlers would hold contracts simular by wrestlers the UK, except in order to avoid the confusion between promotions regarding contract statuses, this time in message made more clearly, talent is being told directly that if they are signed, they will not be allowed any outside bookings if signed within the US, the UK and Japan

Regardless of developments in the future, its clear that WWE is taking promotions WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (who has their own streaming service and popular YouTube channel) and 5* Wrestling (who has signed a 30 week contract with SpikeTV deal) very seriously indeed.

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