After the mixed reaction from the WWE Universe towards this year’s Royal Rumble, fans were rewarded on the following RAW when they witnessed the debut of former WWE NXT Champion Samoa Joe when he attacked Seth Rollins during the altercation with Triple H.

However it was during segment that Seth Rollins re-injured his right knee, fans may remember it was during May 2016 when he valiantly returned from his ACL injury and slow building plans were made for him to battle Triple H as this year Wrestlemania.

With cameras capturing footage of Rollins leaving the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas, Monday night, some WWE fans were quick to assume that this was hype for Samoa Joe’s debut and a possible match between the two at Fastlane.

It was when Rollins commented on the injury via Twitter, posting a photo of his knee undergoing examination that fans realised the true extent of the injury.

Also stating:

“Wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has reached out to me over the last two days. Life doesn’t always go your way, but that is no excuse to surrender. If anything, obstacles exist to help us grow and evolve.”
“This re-injury to my surgically repaired knee is real and a lot is up in the air right now, but one thing remains constant: my resolve. This doesn’t end for me until I’ve reclaimed the throne And for me, fighting and defeating Triple H is the only way. I will work harder than I ever have and push myself beyond what I know. This isn’t over. The only way to wear the crown is to slay the king. I know what must be done and there’s nothing that can stop me.” @WWERollins via Twitter.

If the diagnosis is a suspected torn MCL, the length of time for his recovery may rule him out of the expected WrestleMania match. We like, many WWE fans hope that isn’t the case but the important thing is that Rollins recovers and returns within a realistic timeframe that benefits himself and his health.

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