Mr Masayuki Uchida, the president of Japanese wrestling promotion, Pro Wrestling Noah, announced that there will be an alliance between his promotion and the U.S. promotion Impact Wrestling (TNA). This comes soon after the former owner of the company, Pro Wrestling Noah Co, declared bankruptcy.

The rumours of a possible collaboration between NOAH and Impact were picked up after current Impact Wrestling performer ‘Moose’ tweeted out that he will be making an appearance on the NOAH brand. The alliance was then later confirmed by Mr Masayuki Uchida today.

What does this mean for both brands? with the combination of followers to each brand, it could see a likely increase in viewership for both promotions. Even trying to start a ‘rivalry’ between the two could do some good in getting more people invested into these wrestling shows much like WWE’s strategy with Raw vs Smackdown. However, Impact Wrestling has had money troubles of its own so would they really be able to support another wrestling promotion while trying to keep theirs afloat?

Pro wrestling Noah started in 2000 and has had wrestlers such as Kenta Kobashi, Hideo Itami (Under the name KENTA), and Yoshihiro Takayama all took part in the promotion. So maybe with a new breed of talent behind Noah, and the talent that Impact wrestling holds like Broken Matt Hardy, Moose, Bobby Lashley, and Drew Galloway. Maybe, they can both pull it off? We’ll have to see.

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  1. The former owners of Impact had money issues. I’m not aware of Anthem having such problems. Like you said, we’ll have to wait and see.

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