Welcome back to This Week on NXT where we all get to say hi to Nigel Mcguinness who has joined the commentary team. With that out of the way, Let’s check out what happened on this episode of NXT.

First up, Sanity made their way out to take on the Bollywood boyz. Hey, I’ve missed these guys, I enjoyed them on 205 live and am now just wondering why haven’t we seen much of them? Notably, this was also Kilian Dane’s (Damo) debut match on NXT. For a Debut, Dane was quite impressive and immovable. The Bollywood Boyz tried to double team him but Dane destroyed both them in a matter of seconds. Dane got the win without Wolfe even needing to be tagged in. After the match, Nikki Cross grabs the mic and shouts for Asuka. So, We’ll have to see what develops with this storyline and whether we’ll get a Nikki vs Asuka match at the next PPV. Eric Young addresses Tye Dillinger saying “you belong with us”. I won’t be surprised if we see Eric Young holding a boombox above his head outside Tye’s window next week.

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Next up was Liv Morgan vs Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce at ringside. Apparently, the people behind the scenes forgot this was a rivalry at one point. To be fair so did I. Billie gained control while Liv tried to get the roll up pin several times. Liv fought back and eventually got the roll up on Billie after pushing her to knock Peyton off the apron. A short match but nice to see Liv Morgan and Billie Kay fighting it out again but don’t feel like we’re going to be repeating ourselves.

Tye Dillinger had an interview were he responded to Young by saying;

“Am I joining sanity? Hell no”

But, he was then ambushed by Sanity and thrown into the ring. Tye did fight back but was then taken down by Dane. Suddenly, Out of Nowhere (Not Randy Orton), Rodrick Strong and No Way Jose came down to help out Tye and all stand tall in the ring while Sanity left to lick their wounds. Later on in the night, we’d get a six man tag match Dillinger, Strong and Jose vs Sanity. We get to see Dane dominate once more!

William regal announced that next week, Tyler Bate will take on Trent Seven for the UK Championship (yay). But, then he’s interrupted by Billie and Peyton (nay) who demanded a rematch with Liv Morgan next week. Regal decided that they will indeed get their match with Billie Kay and Peyton Royce vs Liv Morgan and a partner of her choosing. A silence filled the room and then both the ‘mean girls’ say “she doesn’t have any friends!” and laugh themselves out the room. Not going to lie, that made me chuckle.

We got an update on Nakamura’s Injury and we were told that luckily there was no tear in his leg and that no surgery will be required. So when he does eventually come back, one head will be in for a serious kicking.

Next match-up was Heavy Machinery vs The Revival. It opened up with Dash trying to knock down Tucker but he doesn’t go down once. Both Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight looking quite impressive with their dominance in the ring. Scott gained momentum for their side with The Revival working very well in the match so far. Tucker did manage to get the hot tag, but The Revival fought back but knocking Otis off the apron, causing Scott Dawson to get the pin from a DDT. After they won, The Revival called out the Authors of Pain by saying they’ll be nothing but “a footnote to the Revival” when they challenge them for their titles at NXT Takeover: Orlando. The AOP actually came out but The Revival quickly exited the ring once they got too close, But Scott and Dash attacked once their back was turned on the ramp. Got to say, looking forward to the possibility of The Revival getting their titles back, that does depend on how long the writers want to keep AOP as the champions.

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An honourable ceremony took place as we basked in the glorious Bobby Roode for his title celebration. He stated;

“That was the single greatest moment in NXT history… because now you have a real champion”

Nakamura’s leg will probably enjoy giving Roode’s head a kicking in at some point soon.

The Last match of the episode was Tye Dillinger, Rodrick Strong, and No Way Jose vs Sanity in a six-man tag match. Dillinger, Jose and Strong didn’t wait too long for the match to start and attacked straight away. After a quick commercial, Tye took control of the match and then transitioned into Wolfe and Jose who fought it out until Jose took control. Back and forth between these two teams until one by one each man gets attacked. Wolfe stopped the pinfall but he was then thrown out the ring and jumped on by Jose. Dane tripped over Strong and while the referee tried to stop Dane coming in, Young was hit with the Tye breaker. Just as Tye got up, Nikki Cross hurricanrana’d him out of the ring. Dane and Strong then collided in the ring leaving Strong motionless on the floor and Young crawled to get the pin.

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An overall positive episode with some slow moments in between. Although, I bet Teddy Long would have been happy with the number of tag matches on display. The prospect of Tyler Bate and Trent Seven fighting next week is exciting so that’s what I’ll be looking forward to.

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