Here I am, Once again, I’m torn into pieces, Forced to watch, 205, Just thought you were the one…

Yes, that was a reference to a Kelly Clarkson song, because it sums up my feelings for 205 live right now. I thought I could escape watching it this week but when a friend is in need, you need to step up. Hi, It’s your NXT guy James Toal here covering for Lee Hazell this week and I’m hoping. No wait, I’m praying that I won’t have to sit through Alica Fox screaming her head off. So, enough delaying the inevitable, let’s see what happened on 205 Live this week.

First up tonight was Noam Dar with Alicia fox not too far behind. He took on former cruiserweight champion Rich Swann. Rich got on the mic and proclaimed how happy he was to be back on 205 live and dedicated the match to a very special lady. Alicia fox (include as many o’s as you want for maximum emphasis). But then proclaimed that “She can’t handle this” and got on with the match. At least we’ve avoided another “Me want woman” storyline… for now.

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Rich was confident in the ring, leaving Dar to try and recover and attempt to get the upper hand, even mocking his dance moves in the process. Noam took control throughout the match, keeping Swann on the floor trying to wear him down and slowly dissect him. Swann managed to get a counter attack after a roundhouse kick to the temple and soon gained the momentum that he had been needing. Noam used Alicia Fox as a shield at one point and even tried to hold on the ropes during a pin but failed. Swann refused to stay down and secured the win with a phoenix splash from the middle rope. An impressive return for Swann.

We got an interview with TJ Perkins and Neville, Neville emphasises that TJ was a former champion and that the only reason he beat all those people in the cruiserweight classic was because Neville wasn’t there to stop him. Neville continued and said that TJ will never be on his level, TJ then replied by saying he can’t wait to throw away all that he’s done by striving to be the best. Neville then ended by saying that by the end of the night, Tj will regret his words. Is it me, or does anyone feel like their on Neville’s side of the argument? Neville talks about skill and wanting to be the best, whereas TJ basically bullies Neville about his accent and his injuries. I can’t be the only one that feels like this, right?

Next up was the long awaited debut of Gran Metalik, He took on medieval enthusiast (is that a gimmick?) Drew Gulak. Gulak right off the bat dropkicked Metalik to the floor, disrespecting him but soon Metalik sprung back into action, only to botch a springboard off the ropes and get brought down by Gulak, (Getting flashbacks to Sin Cara’s debut, please don’t let history repeat itself). Metalik came back and he’s soon flipping all other the ring in style. Gulak’s hope would be to keep Metalik grounded, but that statement is easier said than done as Metalik impressively controls Gulak through the air. Gulak countered these attacks by flooring Metalik once more and stay dominant with multiple submission holds. Metalik took out Gulak with one elegant suicide dive and got the win with the Metalik Driver.

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Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick were backstage where the offer of Tozawa was offered to be Kendricks protege in the most patronising way possible. Tozawa refused with one defiant “No”, Kendrick persisted and even talked down to him about him keeping secrets about learning English and asks if he understands what Kendricks is asking him. Tozawa understood and stated that he doesn’t like Kendrick. Which is fair given Brian’s dickish attitude at the moment.

The last match of the night was TJ Perkins vs Neville. TJ gets right into the fight by flipping all over the place and displaying his technique, the crowd doesn’t seem as invested as the previous matches as “Austin Aries” can be heard underlying the general atmosphere. TJ’s agility managed to get him out of some tight spots until Neville slammed him down on the top rope where he collapsed out onto the outside. Despite this, TJ still retained enough energy to fight back and avoid a pinfall. Neville continued to dominate and treat TJ ragdoll on the outside. A side note, Mauro Ranallo commented on Perkins “impressive dabbing skills”, which led to Corey Graves countering by saying;

“My 8-year-old son can dab!… It’s just a thing people do for attention because they think it’s cool on social media”

Two things to take away from this; Mauro Ranallo has checked out by now and is just having a good time dabbing to himself at this point, and the WWE know’s the dab is lame but it will continue to embarrass TJ by making him do it. This match has put a smile on my face already.

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Back to the match, Neville was in full control as he went to the top rope. But, TJ came back and the momentum slid into his favour with a triangle dropkick onto the outside to Neville. TJ tried to get the pin after a springboard DDT, but Neville was far from done. Even with this strong athletism going on, the crowd again goes back to chanting for Austin Aries, wrestling crowds can be harsh bastards sometimes. Neville got locked into an armbar but with an impressive amount of strength, he lifted TJ up into the air and slammed him into a sit out power bomb. The two go back and forth with punches until TJ managed to get the upper hand, this didn’t last for too long as Neville almost secured his double armbar submission but TJ quickly escaped with an attempted pin. Neville got the double armbar locked and without any way to escape, TJ Perkins tapped out leaving Neville as the winner.

Just as Neville was about to celebrate, in came the one favourite parts of 205 live, Jack Gallagher. Neville stomped him down and tossed his umbrella (William the Third) out onto the ramp. You may do many things Neville, but you do not fuck with a man’s umbrella. Jack defended the honour of William and threw Neville out leaving him to stand tall in the middle if the ring and Jack holding the Cruiserweight title.

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Could Jack become the new champ? Will Alica Fox become relevant again? Will the WWE release Mauro’s Dabbing videos? I guess we’ll have to find out next week on 205 live, This has been your NXT guy James Toal and this was 205 Live.

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