A late afternoon post made by Triple H on Twitter announced a special guest appearance of Finn Balor at NXT tapings this Wednesday night in University of Central Florida in Orlando.

For his first in-ring appearance in a WWE show since his shoulder injury at Summerslam late August, Finn Balor has shown good signs of physicality.

On a dark segment following the match between Shinsuke Nakamura and TJ Perkins, set to be aired on March 22, the first-ever WWE Universal Champion came to help his friend, double-teamed by NXT Champion Bobby Roode and Cien Andrade Almas.

Finn Balor clothelined Almas out of the ring. And took care of Roode with a Sling Blade and a low corner dropkick. Nakamura hit a Kinshasa on the NXT Champion to end the segment.

Balor then took the mic to say he would come back for what’s his soon (probably the Universal title), stated he was not medically cleared to return in the ring by the doctors but he would be back rather sooner than later.

He then said one thing especially for Nakamura, because Friday is the day of his birthday. He wished his friend a very happy birthday and ended the promo on behalf of himself and Nakamura with a “We are NXT!” chant with the crowd.

This segment is supposed to be a non-televised one because WWE posted a video of the moment on its official Instagram account the following minutes and then posted a report on its website.

WWE about Finn Balor’s Appearance 

Signs of an upcoming return are teased both by WWE and Balor himself. The Superstar is being advertised for a series of live events in March. In Buffalo, New York, the 10th. In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the 11th. And in White Plains, New York, the 26th. No one knows if Balor is only going to be appearing or if he’ll be wrestling at these shows.

To this day, no official return date for Finn Balor in the WWE rings has been announced.

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