What have we got today? A triple threat with Ember Moon, Liv Morgan, and Peyton Royce. Okay, that sounds good, what else? Pete Dunne vs Mark Andrews and then the main event is Bobby Roode vs No Way Jose. Wow, that actually sounds like a decent episode of NXT. Does it exceed my exceed my expectations? Let’s take a look.

The first match of the night was Ember moon, Liv Morgan and Peyton Royce in a triple threat to decide the number one contender for the Women’s championship. This was a great match to kick off the show, a notable highlight of the match was Peyton as a heel and able to dominate the ring, even when she’s by herself not needing the help of Billie Kay. Throughout the duration of the fight, Ember moon is trying to get back into the ring, but Peyton always manages to keep her outside. This makes sense as Peyton would know how much of a threat Ember can be and decides the smartest way to win would be to keep Ember out of the way and focus on taking down Liv Morgan.

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After an impressive hold by Peyton which almost resembled Tajiri’s Tarantula, Liv finally started to fight back from the corner,  she struggled to gain momentum but she soon started to have the match swing in her favour. Unfortunately, Ember managed to get back in the ring and break up the pin just in time. After a well executed Sunset Superplex spot, Ember went to the top rope but Billie Kay tried to interfere, Ember managed got the Eclipse on Billie Kay. However, she was thrown out of the ring by Liv Morgan. Peyton then ended the match with a bridging fisherman suplex and became the new number one contender. A good opening to the episode and an impressive performance by Peyton Royce

We got another video package advertising Kassius Ohno returning to NXT. Wouldn’t it be cool if Ohno happened to appear on this week’s episode of NXT? Imagine that… Anyways, we also got an update on Nakamura’s condition and he’s progressed to kicking heavy bags so he’s doing great.

Next up was Pete Dunne vs Mark Andrews and the crowd went absolutely wild for Pete Dunne, with “Bruiserweight” chants echoing around the ring. During the early minutes of the match, we got a brilliant spot were Mark Andrews moonsaulted off the corner onto Dunne, then transitioned into an arm drag. Later on, Andrews tried another moonsault, But Dunne was aware and took him down took the hand of Andrews, stomped right down on it on top of the steel steps, and then a release suplex onto the apron. Dunne remained dominant and dissected Andrews piece by piece.

This was then followed up by another excellent spot when Dunne tried to throw him Andrews back out, Andrews countered with a 619-esque kick to Dunne’s stomach, leapt off the top rope and rolled up Dunne but followed it up with a double stomp on top of him. This led to a back and forth sequence of counters, reversals,  all captivating the crowd and myself until Andrews hit a reverse Frankensteiner, and the audience chanted “Holy Shit” like it was the last moment they were ever going to see. However, my dear reader, the match wasn’t even over just yet.

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Dunne went for another release suplex but Andrews reversed it into a fu*king hurricanrana! “this is awesome” chants explode around Andrews and Dunne, Andrews tried for an aerial DDT but Dunne stood firm and out of nowhere, Andrews reversed into a stun dog millionaire. He went for the shooting star press off the top corner, Dunne had his knees up and he finally got the bitter end leaving Pete Dunne as the winner after getting the pin. HO-LY SHIT… There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing this match was. If you have the chance to watch it, Bloody do it.

We went backstage with Peyton and Billie Kay, Peyton stated in the interview;

“I would already be champion if it wasn’t for crazy Nikki… I will take that championship, down under baby”

A video package played advertising Patrick Clark will be in action next week, I barely remember who he is but let’s hope he impresses next week. An Interview from wwe.com with Tye Dillinger asked him about sanity’s effort to turn him. He was happy that Rodrick Strong and No Way Jose had his back the last time they attacked and he’s ready for a fight.

It’s Main event time with Bobby Roode vs No Way Jose, right off the bat there was “Shiba Inu” chants (I love the NXT audience). The match started off the fun with Jose’s moves getting the crowd fired up but Roode gained control with a spine buster. Roode continued to dominate and kept Jose down. Jose fought his way out of the sleeper hold and started to swing the match in his favour. Glorious DDT Reversed but no pin fall. Roode leapt from the second rope only to be halted by the fist of Jose and rolled to the outside. Jose rolled Roode back in, as Jose climbed back up, Roode scrambled back up and managed to hit the glorious DDT. Roode got the win.

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Just as you thought it was all over, Roode got back into the ring and hit Jose in the back of the knee. Roode put Jose in a leg submission and refused to let go. But who should appear to help out Jose?


Kassius Ohno’s theme played, and there he was, Kassius Ohno was here. Roode grabbed a mic and asked who the hell does he think he is. Ohno responded

“Who am I? I think they (the audience) know who I am” 

The crowd chanted OHNO. He’s had unfinished business and wants the title. Roode says we could put the title on the line right now. Behind oh no’s back, Roode just lays into him. Ohno fought back and tossed Roode out onto the outside. The episode leaving us with the thought of another man wanting to take on Roode for the NXT title.

This was an amazing episode of NXT, almost on par with their recent TakeOver PPV’s. I highly recommend watching this as it’s just so fun, jaw-dropping, and profoundly engaging to see.

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