The show opens up with a re-airing of Cody’s “Bullet Club” vignette from late last year where Cody calls himself “the star that left them in the dust”, a promo I greatly enjoy. We then go to our announce team which heavily hypes the main event between Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish vs. The Bullet Club.

Hangman Page vs. Mark Sells

In a squash bout that rivals the length of the Cody promo, Hangman Page defeats Sells in a match so quick that I am not even sure if the entrance music ever stopped playing. Page hits the “Rites of Passage” for the win. Plain and simple.  Not much else to tell or analyze.

Hangman Page def. Mark Sells via Pinfall

After the quick bout, out come the Young Bucks, Adam Cole and Cody enter the ring to a great reaction from the latter’s hometown crowd. Cody kisses the canvas as the crowd throws streamers into the ring. Cody says he has waited 11 years for that reaction and then swiftly changes his tune, going into heel mode, saying he and his family have always been better than everyone in the area and he has always known it. He then calls out Jay Lethal. He calls Lethal a “shell of his former self” and “less than lethal”, saying that since his loss to Adam Cole, Lethal is merely a gatekeeper in ROH. He says he was given Lethal as a first opponent because ROH brass knew Cody could defeat him and help him cement his legacy. Lethal comes out and a brawl ensues as BC beats down Lethal, prompting Bobby Fish to come out and try to make the save followed by Jay White, Lio Rush and Alex Shelley. Great promo by Cody on this one. Anyone who says he can’t cut a good promo is absolutely insane. Kelly hypes the main event, as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial we are given the news that tonight’s main event will take place RIGHT NOW!!!

Bullet Club (Cole & Cody) vs. Bobby Fish & Jay Lethal

Match begins with a brawl. Fish and Lethal get the upper hand. BC turns things back in their favour as Cole catches Fish with a Super Kick on the outside. We go back in the ring as Cody works on Fish… Cody tags in Cole and gives him a suplex onto Fish. Cole and Cody tag in and out taking turns working on Fish as we go to commercial.

As we return we see Bobby Fish in The Bullet Club’s corner as Cody and Cole continue their assault.  Fish makes a comeback and hits an exploder suplex on Cole and promptly tags in Lethal who has his sights set on Cody. As Cole tries to aid Cody, Lethal rallies and gets the best of both men. Lethal goes for a cover on Cole but the ref points out that Cole is not the legal man. Fish tags back in and we go back and forth, as it leads to all four men down in the ring.

Lethal hits a suicide dive on Cody, with Cole and Fish still inside the ring. Cole attempts the Shining Wizard as Fish counters into a knee bar, forcing Cole to submit. Solid finish.

Bobby Fish & Jay Lethal def. Bullet Club (Cody & Cole) via submission

It is then announced Dalton Castle and The Boys will now meet The Rebellion in the main event, as the scheduled main event happened in their spot. Dalton Castle calls them “the main event” boys as he excitedly receives the news they will now be the main event.

We then cut to a brief interview with Mark Briscoe who comments on his brothers upcoming match with Christopher Daniels. Mark basically says he has all the confidence in the world in Jay and feels he will regain his title.

We then cut to a fantastic promo from Frankie Kazarian. I won’t spoil too much of this one, as it is worth watching from start to finish, especially if you are someone who reads future spoilers.

Mark Briscoe vs. Saul Rinauro

As Kelly asks Briscoe about the Hardy’s meeting the Young Bucks, Briscoe “remembers” he has a match in comedic fashion, abruptly leaving the announce table. Rinauro rips up the streamers meant for Briscoe and licks his palm, as he offers Briscoe the “code of honor” handshake. Briscoe refuses and beats down Rinauro, before throwing  him to the outside, hitting a running blockbuster on the apron. As the action gets back in the ring, Rinauro mounts an offense and hits Briscoe with a beautiful Michinoku driver, nearly scoring the win. Briscoe then battles back, hitting the Froggie Bow for the victory. Glad to see them let Rinauro get some offense in and not job to Briscoe in a solid squash match.

Mark Briscoe def. Saul Rinauro via pinfall

We return to Bobby Fish cutting a promo on his time in ROH, namely teaming with Kyle O’ Reilly and his ascent into the rank of singles star as he clearly teases another run at the World Television Championship.

Back to the action, as Kevin Kelly is joined by Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser. Young states that he and BCB are still looking for the right partner to help them in their quest at becoming six man champions, stating Bull James wasn’t man enough for the position. It is then announced that Silas Young will face Bull James next week in singles competition.

We then cut to Dalton Castle promo. Castle says he and the Boys are gunning for the six man titles and The Rebellion are standing in the way. He then says the 3 have been drinking a lot of green tea to get ready for it.

The Rebellion (Kenny King, Rhett Titus & Caprice Coleman) vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys

The two teams taunt each other in the ring. Colt Cabana is out on commentary and brings BCB a six pack, as he runs out of beer. It seems they are really hyping the comedy angle surrounding this match, not surprising considering the competitors involved. Cabana claims to have the finest Jewish lawyers to get him his spot on commentary (after being kicked off by Kelly last week for interfering with the action last week) and states he will used the same lawyers to get a handicap match against The Boys.

The Rebellion control the action in the ring. Boy 2 escapes and tags in Castle. Castle hits every member of the rebellion with a German suplex. He goes for the “bangarang” on Caprice but is stopped by Titus. Titus goes for the “one night stand” on Castle, but Boy 2 makes the save. Castle tries taking on all 3 members alone, hitting running knees on Coleman and King in the opposite corners. He misses Coleman and goes over the top, as Boy 1 is back in the ring, King catches him mid air and hits him with a modified stunner. Coleman then hits Boy 1 with the “Sky High” followed by Titus with “The Big Dog Splash” as they secure the victory.

The Rebellion def. Dalton Castle & The Boys via pinfall

After the match, The Kingdom shows up and mock The Rebellion. The go off the air plugging next week’s show which will feature a “Decade of Excellence” match between Jay Briscoe and Christopher Daniels.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad show. Not the most exciting in the history of Ring of Honor, but a good show to help build up future shows and events, as we all excitedly anticipate the bout between Daniels and Briscoe.

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