Fite TV, the US on-demand Network specialized in MMA, boxing and pro wrestling programs, has just signed new agreements with 2 British wrestling promotions.

All TV and pay-per-view shows of the World Association of Wrestling are now going to be available on Fite TV via website and network app. The Norwich-based promotion run by the Knight family will celebrate this new association with a Fite-only pay-per-view.

WAW will propose 3 shows in 2 days on March 10th and 11th. Former WWE Superstars Jazz, Victoria, Ken Anderson, Scott Hall and Buskwacker Luke are announced by the company for these events. All details on this week-end are available on WAW website and Official Facebook page.

WAW announcement

Fite is also beginning a collaboration with Fight! Nation. The British promotion will produce with Fite TV a weekly show that will be created and broadcast on the network only. Recordings are starting the 1st of May, with free broadcast starting the next month.

Fight! Nation also announced they will provide archive footage and recordings of previous events to the network.

The first set of tapings will reunite Pro Wrestling Guerilla and Lucha Underground Superstar Joey Ryan, Matt Riddle, Fight! Nation British Champion “Smashmouth” Chris Ridgeway, the Souls of Smashmouth James Castle and Sammy Smooth, “The Star Attraction” Mark Haskins, the debuting Flash Morgan Webster and “Savvy” Sid Scala. New names will be announced over the next weeks.

All details about the tapings (locations, dates, tickets) are available on Fight! Nation website and Official Facebook page.

Fight! Nation Announcement

Fite TV is already broadcasting British promotions such as Insane Championship Wrestling and What Culture Pro Wrestling.

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