Elite British Wrestling Presents “New Day, New Dawn” at Queens Road, Sheffield.

This one was going to be a busy day. A double show.  One “Matinee” performance in the afternoon and another show in the evening. I was really nervous rocking up to this show. I had ended the year with EBW as one of the most hated people in the venue as I defeated “Dirtbag” Dave Stewart in a Monsters Brawl match. None of my matches had been announced other than I would be in action. I wanted nothing more than the first time that the EBW crowd would see my miserable face again that they would remember the instant hatred they had towards me.

I started off the afternoon in a Battle Royal match where the winner would go on to be #1 contender for the day and go in to the main event for the Afternoon against Joey D. Nothing special happened in the battle royal. I beat some people up, I eliminated some people, you know the basics. It got to the point where we were coming to the end and I felt a hand grab my by the hair, it was my time to go. I was thrown over the top rope, sent flying and crashing the the floor. The fans in front of me are going crazy. They genuinely adore it when I lose. I wasn’t so amused….

Although I didn’t have a match in the Matinee solo performance I would be watching over my fellow Monsters while they defended our tag championships against Kyle Bradders and James Bacon.

The crowd was packed going into this match. Way more than I was expecting. Gave me plenty of people to annoy during the match. I started off sat on the stage watching over the match, shouting encouragement whenever I could, but after a while that got boring so I went for a walk in to the crowd, doing what I do best. Picking on people smaller than me. I notice kids misbehaving at the back. Standing on chairs and basically just being idiots, so I have a wander up and deal with it. “NO FEET ON THE SEAT” I scream in their face, to which I am met by terrified looks as they step down from the chair and sit properly.  As I was walking round there was one little kid absolutely desperate for a high five, he would be reaching out every time I walked by but he didn’t get one, more on him later on…. The tag match went down with minimal issue, had the desired effect and “The Monsters” as a team got some big heat as we won. They really hate us.
That was my involvement done for the afternoon. I was able to go backstage and try and relax a bit. For some reason though, I was unable to do this. I could not relax. I tried sitting down, laying down, having a nap, getting a drink. Nothing was working. It was going to be one of those days……

The evening show started with another Battle Royal with the same stipulation as before. Winner goes in to the main event of the evening to face Joey D for the heavyweight title. As I was thrown out of this one I went crashing to the floor and just felt something in my back, not knowing what it was I no sold it, until the point I felt a kick to the back and someone shouting ” Get off my foot!” turns out I was using a fans leg as a backrest!
I stumble to the back, brush myself off and get read to go straight back out as I was the next match on the card.

Krieg vs Kyle Bradders vs Alan Kay

Two people I had never worked before and three completely different styles. Krieg, a German powerhouse. Slow, powerful and destructive. Kyle Bradders, a high flyer that unloads a barrage of kicks at the first chance he gets and then myself. well, I just cheat where i can really, every now and again I’ll smash out a suplex.

We started off in the ring and started circling, who was going to make the first move? I creep in to a corner, hiding away and then the first moment I can I push Kyle into Krieg and get the hell out of town! Triple threat after all, no count outs! After a couple of minutes, Krieg’s boss, none other than Mr David DeVille, comes screaming from behind the curtain. ” I don’t pay you for that! Get back here now!” and off he pops. Over the top rope and into the back. Leaving it down to me and Kyle to battle for victory. The match went down pretty well, the crowd hated it when I was in control and loved it when Kyle started fighting back, and also despised it when Sam, Jason or Ivy got involved, which to be honest was a lot of the time! The end of the match comes around, Kyle gave me a Finn Balor style dropkick in to the corner and rolls me out for his signature Swanton Bomb. He climbs up to the top and up pops Ivy, baseball bat in hand, and digs the bat straight into his ribs. I climb up from the floor and lift him on to my shoulder the an “AK DRIVER” a sit out Death Valley Driver but before I throw him down I drive the back of his head in to the turnbuckle and then flip him over to drive him down for the three count. Then comes my favourite part. The beat down. Beating someone is never enough. Luckily for Kyle his tag partner James Bacon came rushing out so we left him to lay there. The next match is Mark Sanders vs James Bacon, yeah the guy that did the save. Their match went down nicely with Mark being the aggressor throughout. Mark Finally puts Bacon away with an Air-burst power-bomb and gets the three count. So I take my chance to get some revenge on Bacon. I come running from the curtain to the ring and start laying in to a prone Bacon. A Couple minutes go by and Kyle comes you to try and make a save, pushing Mark out of the way in the meantime. Sam Kenny and Jason Jacobs take care of Kyle while I make the most of my time with Bacon. Mark climbs back in over the top rope, I don’t want any of that right now so step aside. Mark has actually come back in to get Kyle. He kicks Kyle in the gut and sends him flying with a power-bomb too! This is my chance. I can build a bridge here. I walk back in the ring. Walk over a dismantled Kyle and offer a handshake to Mark. He looks me up and down, refuses and walks away. Damn. Maybe next time?

Next up was the four way tag team championships match.

J.Graves & Aidan Sparx vs Team GB (John Green and Gary Farmer) vs Alex Rancid & Nate Daniels vs The Monsters (Sam Kenny & Jason Jacobs).

The odds stacked against us. We dominate throughout and one mistake and it was gone.  Team GB pinned Alex Rancid to win OUR titles. The crowd go mental. All because we lose. You know you’re hated when everyone gets a positive reaction when you lose….

Now on to my final involvement of the evening. Ivy vs Georgy. A first time meeting with Georgy debuting in EBW. Our job out there in this match was to be intimidating to Georgy. Welcome to our world. The Monsters world. Ivy was in control throughout. No worries at all. The moment Georgy started fighting back we got involved. Georgy went to line up Ivy for her finish, a spear. Not this time. No way! I hop over the top rope and then she starts running at me! Before I know anything, I am being taken down with an almighty spear! The next thing i know, Ivy has won and we are celebrating on the entrance way. WINNER.

And thats it. That was the show. All in all it went very well, in front of a very strong crowd. They hated everything we were involved in and loved everything that was against us. JOB DONE.

Now on to the the High-five kid from earlier on. As I said during the show I would leave him hanging, walk past and usually just plain ignore him. After the show he had the chance to come up to us and have a chat. He asked us to sign his book and everything like that and then we got chatting to his parents. His parents saying how he’s quiet around people and how he doesn’t have that many friends. Now keep in mind this kid is about 5 and I’m a dad myself and it tugged on the remaining heart strings. I was sat at the bar chatting away to his parents and he came and sat with them. Told me how his Dad knew Randy Orton and Hulk Hogan and then he said he didn’t have a lot of friends at school. I just sat there and said “You know who else doesn’t have a lot of friends? The Monsters. I’ll tell you what. Next time we are back here, you can be one of us and if anyone doesn’t like it you can send them our way”  His eyes lit up.
There are times where you have to be “The bad guy” and then there’s times where you have to do whats right for that situation. This was right for that situation. Just because I hate everyone in the ring doesn’t mean I’m a bad guy.


Got another show to get sorted. Better Dash.

On to the next.

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