The show opens with a video hyping the final of The Decade of Excellence tournament. The winner will get a shot at the ROH Championship on March 10th.

Kevin Kelly is once again alone on commentary, but that is okay with me, as the alternating commentators have made for excellent entertainment.

 Silas Young w/ Beer City Bruiser Vs. Bull James

Match starts with Silas teasing a handshake, which Bull refuses. Bruiser interferes early and takes James down at ringside. Young leaps onto James and puts him solidly in control. Bull rallies with a running bonsai drop. James goes for the suplex but the Bruiser blocks the attempt while the refs vision is blocked. Bull rallies and hits the Brusier with a tornado DDT. Young and Bull go back and forth until Young hits “misery” for the win. I am not too critical but what was up with Bull James attempt at a new look? Yikes.

Silas Young def. Bull James via pinfall

Dalton Castle and the Boys make their way down to the ring for a Handicap match against Colt Cabana. Cabana grabs the mic and calls himself “The Iron Jew” and talks to Castle at ringside promising to destroy The Boys.

Colt Cabana Vs. The Boys w/Dalton Castle

Cabana takes the lead early by knocking one of the Boys to the floor and hits multiple bodyslams on the other. They exchange offensives back and forth and Cabana taunts Castle at the broadcast table. Colt stays in control of the action and throws Boy #1 to the outside. He gets out of the ring and throws Boy#1 into Castle before getting back in the ring and hitting “the Chicago Skyline” on Boy #2 Boy #1 attempts to make the save but Cabana locks on a submission and that’s all she wrote.

Colt Cabana def. The Boys by submission

After the match Cabana celebrates by taunting the Boys until Castle runs him off.

Kevin Kelly is joined by Mark Briscoe and Frankie Kazarian for the main event.

Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Briscoe- Decade of Excellence Tournament Final

The two combatants shake hands. Both men get the action going immediately by attempting their finishers. They battle back and forth. Briscoe gets the upperhand, hitting a massive leg lariat. The two exchange strikes that sees Daniels take control with a springboard moonsault and then attempts a Koji clutch submission. Daniels maintains control through the commercial break.

Brisco builds momentum as we return, sending Daniels over the top rope via clothesline. Mark Briscoe suggests his partner go for the count out victory as Jay rolls back into the ring and the ref starts the count. Daniels slides in and breaks the count. Jay throws some stiff shots. Briscoe runs at Daniels and goes sailing over the top, landing hard on the floor. Daniels then hits a moonsault as the ref heads to check on them.

Kazarian and Mark Briscoe head to check on their partners. They rally both into getting back up and resuming the match. Daniels and Briscoe rush each other and collide during a double cross body. They get up and exchange blows, as Daniels falls back down to the mat. Briscoe leans over and Daniels goes for the small package and hits “Angel wings” after Briscoe kicks out. Daniels is stunned that it wasn’t enough. The referee begins a ten count and Briscoe hits Daniels with a Death Valley driver as he charges him upon standing. Daniels counters and hits an Urigani and signals for “The Best Moonsault Ever”.

Briscoe rolls up Daniels before he can try for another near fall. Daniels hits a second Urigani and heads for the top rope. He leaps and Briscoe moves, but Daniels lands on his feet. Briscoe hits with a massive lariat/superkick combination. He goes for the pin, but its once again a near fall. Briscoe puts Daniels on the top rope and attempts a superplex, which Daniels counters into “The Angel Wings” from the top rope, pinning Briscoe for the win. WHAT A SPOT! WHAT A MATCH! WOW!

Christopher Daniels def. Jay Briscoe to win The Decade of Excellence tournament

After the match, the crowd gave a huge show of respect for Daniels, letting him have the “You Deserve It” chant as Kazarian celebrated with his teammates. Briscoe and Daniels shake hands and show respect to one another as a great hour of ROH wrestling comes to an end.

Amazing show of class between two superior athletes in a fantastic back and forth contest! My congratulations to Daniels, who has long deserved this.

A+ show in my opinion.

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