WOOOOOOOOAHHHH-OOOOOOAHH-OAAAAAAH…. Nakamura is back in action on this week’s episode. So the sooner we jump into the episode, the sooner we can start talking about his return. Without further delay, Let’s jump right into the episode.

First up was Tye Dillinger vs Eric Young. As Sanity entered the arena, Eric Young called off his goons and says that it’s just going to be him and Dillinger, one on one. Just before the match was going to get started, Sanity came back out again with smiles on their faces and a beaten up Roderick Strong. Tye left the ring to check of Rodrick was okay and was joined by No Way Jose. Angered by the attack on their friend, Tye and Jose went to the ring and a fight broke out. Unfortunately, they were too outnumbered and ended up on the floor while sanity basks in the aftermath of their destruction.

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Meanwhile, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were backstage trying to find a place for their award that they received for being breakout stars of the years. They antagonised Ember moon but ultimately nothing happened. I can understand that it was to get some extra heat for their match later on, but all they did was stand there and just shout at each other.

We got an intriguing promo centring around sinners and morality, the voiceover of this unknown wrestler stated;

“No man is ever truly good, or truly evil”

Unless you could Big Show, who switches in between the two so easily that you’ll never know what he’ll be after a week or two.

Next up was Ho Ho Lun vs Andrade cien Almas. Andrade dominated throughout, and not Letting up on the offence at all. Ho Ho started to fight back after a drop kick, but Andrade smacked him back to the ground and won with his hammerlock DDT. Was a fairly quick match and was just used to make Andrade look strong, sadly for Ho Ho, he was not successful in this encounter.

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Ember Moon vs Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce. The match wasted no time in getting started, as Ember jumped right in with a drop kick. She was then halted as Billie gained the advantage after an altercation with Peyton and Ember. This was an okay match, nothing too spectacular with both women putting on a decent performance but again nothing really big to write home about. Ember fought back but momentum switched into Billie’s favour with an elbow to the face. Ember went to the top rope but Peyton attempted to interfere, this was soon stopped by the referee who saw what she was trying to do. Ember got the Total eclipse and won the match so all is well with the world. What was unique about this match was that in the aftermath, Billie Kay wasn’t moving. Medics actually came down to check on her. I wasn’t completely sure if this was a real bump that Billie had taken or this was just playing up the intensity of the Total Eclipse. Either way, I hope that she was okay afterwards.

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We got a backstage interview with the guy that plays video games, did you know he plays video games? He plays video games, if you didn’t know then the WWE will constantly remind you that he, in fact, plays the games that are on video. He looked forward to facing Shinsuke after the time in training he had had in the past with him back in Japan.

Next up, we thought we were going to see The Revival vs The Ealy Brothers. But, before the brothers got into the ring they were taken out by The Authors of Pain Akem and Rezar. They chased after the Revival, who by now had scattered into the audience to escape. So with The Authors of Pain wanting to release some aggression, give the last chapter on one of the Ealy Brothers. I don’t feel bad for not knowing what each Ealy brother was, because even the commentators don’t know, and they had time to remember who was who. I didn’t.


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Another backstage segment happens where we had William Regal announce that Ember Moon vs Asuka for the NXT women’s championship at NXT takeover. I am currently at my happiest as this I’ve got to see.

More backstage segments! This time we had Kassius Ohno being interviewed by Tom Phillips. He said that he was Glad to be back and would be sweet to defend the title at NXT takeover Orlando. One more non-wrestling segment! Promise! Bobby Roode was also interviewed, I like this one in particular as he told Tom Phillips to shut up (Always good to hear) and didn’t care what Kassius had to say.

It’s main event time, and we had TJ Perkins vs Shinsuke Nakamura, the crowd was absolutely ecstatic. The match started off a slow with some quick kicks, punches, and grapple attempts from both TJ and Shinsuke. TJ was very quick and locked up Shinsuke and of course video game TJ dabbed. Shinsuke escaped the lock and he then proceeded to dab in return. If one guy can make dabbing cool again, it’s Shinsuke. Fun back and forth between them. The match built up a fast pace and was entertaining to see Shinsuke back in action. That’s not to say that TJ wasn’t impressive as well, the hard work that they put into the match was well executed. It all started to culminate after TJ locked in Knee bar but this didn’t put him away as Nakamura got to the ropes. Finally, Nakamura got Kinshasa on TJ and stood victorious. William regal announced that whoever wins the NXT title match next week, will defend it against Nakamura at NXT takeover Orlando

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And last but not least, William regal announced that whoever wins the NXT title match next week, will defend it against Nakamura at NXT takeover Orlando. The episode ends and we carry on the road to NXT Takeover.

The episode itself felt like it dragged on, besides the main event. The overall show focused on building elements to matches at NXT Takeover but left us lacking actual entertaining matches to see. But as I’ve said,  Nakamura vs Perkins was great to see and I’d recommend seeing it if you’ve been missing seeing Shinsuke in action.

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