What do wrestling fans love?

Kevin Owens scalding someone over Twitter? Yes.
Bullet Club unveiling a new member? Sometimes.
Roman Reigns winning the WWE Universal Championship? No…erm…thats up to you.

The ultimate answer is MERCHANDISE! We love Merch, DVDS, Blu-rays, T-shirts, signed stuff, its great.

So this month it’s my job to look at the latest wrestling crate that arrived on the doorstep of the offices here at Steelchair Wrestling Magazine. (Did I mention that we have a new magazine released an its going for £3.50? No I haven’t? Okay then.)

The latest wrestling crate that arrived was on behalf of SLOBBER KNOCKER BOX, “the subscription service by wrestling fans, for wrestling fans”

Now before you can find a Brad Pitt meme asking “What is in the box?”, let them tell you:

“The Wrestling Themed Subscription Service by wrestling fans, for wrestling fans. A box of awesome wrestling themed merchandise, delivered to your door each month. Items differ each month, but can include T-Shirts, DVD’s, Funko Pop, Mattel figures, Topps and much more.”

Now the really important stuff, the money, how much does it cost you?

Three different packages available: Slobber Knocker Box Deluxe, Slobber Knocker Box and Exclusive T-Shirt Only.

Slobber Knocker Box Deluxe contains everything in their standard box, plus some extra added wrestling awesomeness. Basically this is the ultimate package. Cost: £26.00.

Slobber Knocker Box contains a box packed to the brim with top quality wrestling goodies. Cost £16.00.

Exclusive T-Shirt Only meaning you get a new exclusive wrestling T-Shirt. Sizes available 5-6yrs to 5XL Cost: £8.00.

So what was available in Februarys Deluxe Crate?

There is no doubt a bulk of this months crate was aimed at the UK market with three DVDs from UK promotions:

Vertigo Pro. Perfect Storm 1: Let Them Fight!

“A brand new Wrestling company operating out of Cardiff, Wales. We have so far played host to talents such as Dave Mastiff, Jonny Storm, Bison Brody, Justin Sysum, Lou King Sharp and more.”

This DVD contains the action from their event on 30th January 2016, with matches featuring Dave Mastiff, Eddie Dennis, Mike Bird, Chris Brookes, Lou King Sharp and much more.

Wrestle Island: One Ring to Rule Them All.

The DVD displays everything at that took place on the promotions very first show on November 27th featuring top UK wrestlers like Bubblegum, Tyson T Bone, Lana Austin, Xia Brookside, Drew Parker and much more.

Tidal Championship Wrestling: Each Dawn I Die.

TIDAL CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING is a promotion based in Leeds and Darlington and other towns nearby, and on this DVD is from the event the took place on October 2nd, 2016 featuring the furious TCW Championship match between Rampage Brown and Wolfgang, Kazama Sakamoto, Jackie Polo and more.

Also featured in the create, signed promo photos of Bubblegum, Liam Slater, Aston Smith and Sam Bailey.

Onto T-shirts, comfortable and excellent “This is FLAIR Country” T-shirt

and “King of the Cruiserweights” which looks similar to the Burger King design, thats amusing.

So thats the create, superb value and their boxes are available in the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil and across Europe. Their closing date each month is midnight on the 10th, and they begin to ship around the 20th.

Bring on March…

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