Alexander Wolfe is perhaps the best German wrestler in the world. A former wXw Champion (Germany’s hottest wrestling promotion) Wolfe wrestled in his native Germany under the name Axel Tischer. He won their most prestigious belt from NXT Alumni Sami Zayn (then going by the name El Generico) and subsequently lost it to another of WWE’s European acquisitions, Tommy End, now known as Aleister Black. Alexander Wolfe joins their ranks in the WWE as part of NXT’s anarchist faction, SAni†Y.

He talks to us about the rigours of training for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and his excitement about attending the WrestleMania weekend.

What are your ambitions in WWE?

Of course, the main goal is becoming a champion, but the main goal in WWE for me personally? I want to stand on the Grandest Stage of Them All. I want is to perform in the main event at WrestleMania and become the champion of WWE.

How is it for a German wrestler to join the WWE?

It’s so awesome. I wrestled for over ten years in the Indies and to just have the opportunity to perform here for WWE, to show how good European athletes are, it’s amazing. I’ve been here nearly two years and it’s been awesome so far. There have been lots of ups and down. This is normal for development, but for me personally? I’m just stoked about the fact that I’m performing for WWE NXT.

This will be your second WrestleMania weekend in WWE as part of the NXT roster. What’s the WrestleMania weekend experience like?

The WrestleMania weekend his huge. Personally, for me, it’s Christmas because WrestleMania is only once a year. Last year was a crazy experience for me because you have the chance to see everybody you see on the television, but most importantly ,you have all of the attractions you have there. You have WrestleMania Axxess, you have the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, you have NXT Takeover Orlando and, of course, you have WrestleMania. To be a part of that and attending Axxess to see all of the fans worldwide is amazing.

Can you describe the experience of training in the performance centre?

The performance centre is a very, very, very, large facility and it’s heaven for a wrestler. You have a chance to train for that which you love. You have seven rings, you have an amazing gym, you have facilities to train your body, to take care of your body and to perfect your techniques. If you are a wrestler and you train hard enough, you become successful, but if you are a wrestler and train at the performance centre you become a Superstar. For me, working her on a weekly basis, isn’t work. Every day, I’m excited to spend another day here at the performance centre because you can become the best version of yourself here. It’s not just practicing in the ring, sitting in a room we have a big TV screen where we have so-called Skull Sessions in which we can study our work, study what we did in the ring, and study what we did in live events and TV events. This makes the whole process even faster and better.

Do you think being alongside Eric Young in NXT is an opportunity for you?

Eric Young a very, very, experienced guy. He is our veteran. He has so much experience with live events and he’s performed for a very long time in other promotions. He knows how to do things and he knows how to do things the right way. He’s a great guy to be around, he’s a great mentor and since I’m with him, the future is going to be amazing. It will lead to more opportunities to step up the ladder and prove myself that I am material for NXT and WWE.

The full interview with Alexander Wolfe, where he discusses fellow SAni†Y member Nikki Cross, former SAni†Y member Sawyer Fulton and long-time rival Aleister Black, is available in SteelChair Magazine issue 14 coming soon.

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