It’s finally happened, Diamond Dallas Page is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. And for what my word is worth, he has earned that place. If you’re one of the few people that are not aware of the career of DDP, then I believe that this Blu-Ray will be for you.

The main part of this entire Blu-ray which highlights why this has been made, focuses on DDP’s journey from his early beginnings living with his grandmother and siblings, running a nightclub, joining the American Wrestling Association (AWA), and then slowly making his way up to becoming the world heavyweight champion of WCW. We go through this journey and we hear from his close colleagues like Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Michael Hayes, Mick Foley and Terry Taylor praising him. But we also get some interviews with his family and friends and their support for his work.

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The documentary section is entertaining to watch, especially if you’re not fully aware of DDP’s career. I started learning more about DDP when it was brought to my attention that he had helped Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall get better and become healthier people. After I had found this out, I was really touched by his actions and felt an enormous amount of respect for the man. The documentary itself touches on aspects of his generous deminoir towards Jake and Scott. But, it also showed that DDP had to come to terms with his own dyslexia and even teach kids that even he can get this far, even with that holding him back in the past. He genuinely seems like a nice guy and everyone had a smile on their face when they were talking about him.

The biography is roughly an hour and I really wish it could’ve been longer, it was paced well enough that it didn’t feel like it was rushing to get through every moment of DDP’s life so I would say it’s enjoyable. It ended on a perfect note leading into his Hall of Fame induction and leaves you feeling happy that he’s had such a wonderful journey. As for the rest of the Blu-Ray, you have about 8 Hours of content which also include matches that highlight unique moments throughout his career and even a section called “Stories” which feature moments taken out of the main biography, and focus on little moments in time.

The matches themselves vary from his matches in World Championship Wrestling in 1991 where he and Scott Hall took on Brian Lee & Chris Sullivan, to his WWF European Championship match vs Christian at Wrestlemania 18. If you’re a fan of DDP, then being able to watch these matches in one place is surely going to be a Godsend.

The stories are quite interesting as well. Like I said, they have been given their own section rather than be put in the main biography, but this is even more content to watch and gain more of an insight into DDP’s life. I can understand why they’d be given their own section as they may have slowed down the pace of the documentary. One video that stands out in the stories section, is actually a tape that DDP sent to AWA in order to get a gig as a manager. As mentioned in the documentary, this was another step into the wrestling industry for him and piqued the interest of the people in charge over at the American Wrestling Association.

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It also came with some Blu-ray exclusives, for example you can see his match against Bret “The Hitman” Hart for the WCW United States Championship, facing Jeff Jarrett in a steel cage match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, taking on The Renegade for the WCW Television Championship, his WWE Debut, and a Battlebowl match where he faced The Barbarian, Earl Robert Eaton, Ice Train, Scott Norton, Rocco Rock, Johnny Grunge, and Dick Slater.

Overall, this is a great collection of matches and footage for any fan of DDP’s work. His work in and out of the ring shows how much he enjoyed what he does, and looking to make a difference with the people close to him. As we lead into his WWE Hall of Fame Induction, this is the perfect way he finally can get some recognition and maybe we’ll all have a good cry at his undoubtedly touching speech.

DDP: Positivity Living will be released on BluRay & DVD on 27th March 2017

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