After a subpar episode last week, maybe the episode this week will be a lot better? with Sanity in action against Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose, and Rodrick Strong. Asuka proving her dominant power, and the build up to NXT Takeover: Orlando. We could be looking at a good episode. So with that in mind, let’s jump right into This Week on NXT.

Match 1: Oney Lorcan vs Andrade cien Almas

The crowd was on Oney’s side as Andrade started to show off in his usual fashion, this was stopped as soon as Oney slapped some sense into him. In a very quick manner, the match built up with fast sequences of holds and Irish whips which lead to Almas taking the momentum. He played the cocky heel very well and put pressure on Lorcan with a headlock, slowing him down. As he fought out, Oney hit an impressive running blockbuster and then went to the top rope to hit a summersault senton on Andrade. The Crowd revved Oney up and almost won with a half and half suplex, but Andrade kicked out at the very last minute. Andrade got in his own offence with a Summersault double kick but Oney also kicked out at the last second. After some intense back and forth, Andrade got the won with his hammer lock DDT. A great start to the show with, exciting moves, an unpredictable outcome and all around entertaining match-up.

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We caught up with DIY backstage who were basically recapping what’s happened to them until this point. They claimed that AOP and The Revival have no passion for the business and only care about the money. They end their segment by saying they are there for the fans and that “We will have our moment”. A video promo for the unknown superstar played again, and this time we saw what he actually looks like and ended with some cryptic symbols, leaving us to wonder who he is… oh apparently he’s Alistair Black, we found out his name from Tom Phillips and a backstage interview with Andrade ‘cien’ Almas that he will face Black at NXT Takeover: Orlando. So apparently that surprise reveal went out the window, what a wasted opportunity.

We also got a recap of Billie Kay’s “injury” due to Ember Moon’s total eclipse. Building to the move that could possibly take down Asuka.

Match 2: Asuka vs Priscilla Zuniga

Before the match started, Asuka grabbed the mic and addressed Ember Moon;

“This is your head”

Then she kicked Zuniga in the skull. Zuniga made the unfortunate decision to slap Asuka, which lead to Asuka hitting the hip attack and repeatedly kicked her down. After one big kick to the head, Asuka went for the pin but decided that she was going to make an example of her by letting the pin go. She continued to beat down on her and secured the Asuka Lock on Priscilla, after refusing to let go after the bell had continued to ring. Asuka grabbed mic again, spoke in her native Japanese and then said only two words in English

“No, Eclipse”

Presenting Asuka as this absolutely destructive force that has no mercy was presented perfectly. Matching her up against Ember Moon is looking like it might even steal the show and possibly be the downfall of Asuka.

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We got a segment of The Revival backstage where they claimed that they are better than any tag team and being proud to fight for money. They even bragged about putting down the AOP on the mat and working even harder than DIY. Building up to their match at NXT Takeover is going well and is another contender for stealing the show. A video promo then played for Bobby Roode vs Shinsuke Nakamura title rematch. This summarised the journey that the two of them has been on to get to this point and portrayed them as the most important members of the roster, although it almost felt like I was watching a WWE network documentary. It’s different so I’ll give them credit for trying new things.

After a promo for the tag team ‘War Machine’ who will be in action next week, we saw some footage of Kassius Ohno who was interviewed last week. He was depressed about his loss to Bobby Roode, but was then interrupted by Elias Samson who mocked Ohno the only way he knew how, by playing him a song on his guitar. They argue about who belongs on the show and decide to settle it in a match where the loser will leave NXT. My issue here is would Kassius really leave this quickly after coming back? This feels like this might be the last we will see the drifter on NXT.

Match 3: No way Jose, Roderick Strong and Tye Dillinger vs Sanity.

A Fight broke out on the outside immediately which left Roderick Strong and Killian Dane to get the match started, Inevitably Sanity soon took control of the match. Tye then brought the momentum back and the teamwork between them began to take effect, Strong got a huge amount of steam and managed to almost take on Sanity by himself. Eric Young tried to regain some ground, but the power of friendship was too great. This didn’t last too long as Nikki Cross interfered and let Sanity get back into the match, soon Killian Dane aggressively asserted his dominance.

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Strong managed to get the hot tag and almost got the pin, but Killian Dane interfered and basically all hell broke loose as everyone attacked each other. This left Tye and Young battling it out in the ring until Nikki cross jumped on Dillinger’s back to stop him. Out of nowhere, a woman came down from the ramp and took out Nikki Cross. The numbers were finally matched. Jose, Strong, Dillinger and Louise (The crowd chanted that name so I assume that’s what her name is) stood tall in the middle of the ring.

Overall this was a way better episode of NXT this week. Three great matches, although there was some little nit-picks in between that I wasn’t totally pleased with. The episode as a whole was pretty damn entertaining.

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