Phoenix Events Yorkshire Presents “One More Round 2”

Crookes Social Club, Sheffield

Pole Match for the Phoenix Rising Championship & Phoenix Events Money In The Bank Briefcase: Alan Kay vs Aidan Sparxx vs Jack Cave vs Kyle Bradders vs Krieg vs Tommy Nova (c)

This was always going to be a long day. A Charity show raising money for a cancer charity in loving memory to British wrestling legend, Kris Travis. Emotions were always going to run high for many reasons.

Pole matches are hard. They’re non-stop, always have to pay attention and you can miss a step. There were quite a few different styles in this match: I am a brawler, Bradders is a flyer,  Cave uses his wits to outsmart and embarrass his opponent, Krieg is a powerhouse, Sparxx is a scrapper and Nova is the kicks king. Making sure everyone got their moment while not going too far, as we were just before the main event and had to keep that in mind.

Sat in the back, I was starting to panic a bit. This was a massive moment for me. A chance to shine in front of a different crowd, in a big match with potentially big outcomes. Who ever was walking out of this match as  a winner they were walking out as a champion or with a potential title shot at any chance they see fit. So, some pretty big things on the line. I was crouched against a wall, people walking past me, people chatting and I was just taking none of it in. I was just going over everything in my head a thousand times. Not because I had to but I just wanted something to think about!

Just before we went out, we were all stood behind the curtain, waiting for the entrances to begin, when David Stewart, Phoenix Events Owner, started a raffle. It felt like we were waiting behind that curtain for days! Eventually our music hit and out went myself and Ivy. Ivy stormed off to give everyone crap, as I stood and stared a hole through my former rival as he introduced me.

Out come the other competitors and a this point there’s only one pole, but out comes assistant GM Danielle and states that because the “Money in the bank” briefcase was cashed in earlier that night that there would now be TWO poles. One with the title on the line and one with the Briefcase.

One Match, two very different opportunities.

Now, I’m not going to go through the match as such, partially because a lot happened in it but mostly because there’s going to be a DVD release where more money can be raised for the amazing cause. But there’s a couple of things I remember that I want to go through!

Working towards the end of the match Kyle Bradders and Nova were on the second rope fighting to get the title, I squeezed between the two and double power bombed them both down. This seemed to go on for ages. Waiting for the right time to drop them.

Now on to my other take away from the match.

The moment I won.

I stood on the ropes, reach up for the title and undid the clasp and held the belt aloft. Inside I was beaming with pride and emotion but sadly because of what was happening in the other corner no one knew I had won. Other than a couple of people directly to the side of me no one had noticed because I was on the other side of the ring.

The match ended as Aidan had grabbed the briefcase but because the refs were distracted/taken out by Ivy, Jack Cave stole the briefcase creating massive confusion. Sadly my moment got lost in that moment. That’s fine. The ending created the confusion it was meant to. I stumbled to the back, shook people’s hands and then needed a moment.

It’s strange, I has just had my big moment, first title in wrestling, on a big show, in front of some of the best wrestlers in the UK and all I could think about was how I was gutted my Dad wasn’t here to see it. My dad, who sadly died in 2012, never saw me wrestle. I was sat in the back trying to hold everything in, but when I went and sat away for a bit and I just burst into tears.

Hopefully I’m doing him proud!


Later nerds x


Cover Photo – Credit – John Mayo Photography


Match Photos  – Credit – Brett Hadley Photography 

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