“We know how much our subscribers love our exclusive T-Shirts, so here’s a little preview of what’s coming up in our March Deluxe Box. This “pac” ran wild in WCW, and are still a much loved faction. You could say it’ll be that way….4 LIFE!!!”

On February 28th, SlobberKnockerBox teased this comment over social media, with its intent to showcase what fans can expect from its March release, and we at the offices at Steelchair Wrestling Magazine were granted a chance to report on what fans will get from their Deluxe Box.

Indeed it is a WCW offering, with the NWO Wolfpac taking centre stage this month…
History lesson, who’s the NWO Wolfpac and when did they make their impact?

During the May 4,1998 episode of WCW NITRO, Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, and Konnan appeared wearing black shirts with a red nWo logo, as opposed to the nWo familiar white logo. They called themselves nWo Wolfpac (a name which Nash had previously been using alongside Hall and Syxx to refer to themselves as a trio), and were joined in the following weeks by Curt Hennig, Miss Elizabeth, Rick Rude and Dusty Rhodes. The Wolfpac became the first nWo incarnation to wrestle to be seen as the good guys. While Hulk Hogan’s side retained the black and white colors of the original nWo and took on the moniker nWo Hollywood, with Eric Bischoff, Scott Steiner, Scott Norton, Brian Adams, and The Disciple on his side.

With that said, in the box, an exclusive Wolfpac T-shirt, nWo Mousemat, nWo Coaster, and nWo Magnet, when The Wolfpac said they are taking over, yup they definitely have, but this box isn’t just dedicated to that.

TJ Perkins stand up, thats right the former WWE CWC Champion is well represented as well, with his Sega/Sonic style T-shirt included, it adds another excellent dynamic to SlobberKnockerBox.

TNT Wrestling UK, who is hosting their next event on Thursday May 18th, Supreme Wrestling 2017, is also featured as their exclusive signed prints of fan favourites Jigsaw and Little Miss Roxy as included.

And if that wasn’t enough, a promotion who has made Bristol theirs, Pro Wrestling Chaos, who has amazed fans with their excellent shows throughout 2016 and will do on April 29th with Sweet Dreams, but I digress, in the box, we are treated to the DVD All or Nothing from last year featuring, Wild Boar vs Hardcore Holly, Steele Dragons vs The Swords of Essex, Team Mercy vs Team Khan (in an elimination match for control of the company) and much more.

So this month, if you’re a nWo Wolfpac fan? You’re in for a damn good outing. A fan of T-shirts? likewise on that. A fan of Chaos Wrestling or wanting to know why fans are talking about it? Great edition to find out way. You love exclusive signed posters? Sorted too.

“A specially selected box of wrestling themed merchandise, delivered to your doorstep every month.”

Subscriptions start at £8.00/pm plus postage (please see How It Works section for postage rates). Subscriptions are now open worldwide
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