Impact Wrestling can only have ONE lead announcer. Tonight, the war will be over as Team Jeremy Borash and Team Josh Mathews are going to square off to determine who’s the real GOAT… And because there’s only one Sheriff in town, Josh Matthews announces during the first match that if his team loses the match tonight, he’ll leave the announce table for good.

Reno Scum vs. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. vs The Decay (w/ Rosemary)

Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. take control of the match quickly. Crazzy Steve’s entrance into the turmoil leads to Rosemary and barricades being involved. The Decay are leading the dance now. Abyss and Steve made Garza Jr. spend a bad time, earning them a near fall. Rosemary pulls Laredo Kid off the apron when Garza Jr. tries to make the tag. Huge powerslam of Luster on Steve, tagged in by Garza Jr. Abyss hits Luster with the Chokeslam, not enough for a 3-count. The team turmoil comes in the favour of Reno Scum who hit their Double Foot Stomp finisher on Crazzy Steve for the count. Crazzy match…

crazzy steve
Backstage, Andrew Everett claims he deserves an X Division Title shot. Shane Helms says that Everett isn’t ready yet and still has to prove himself. A Fatal-Four Way is set for tonight, Everett will be apart of it, as well as an undecided Helms.

Bruce Prichard is now in the ring to reveal the results of the vote about who should be the #1 contender for the Impact World heavyweight Championship and face Lashley next week. As Cowboy James Storm is revealed to be the fans favourite, EC3 claims the vote was arranged. Even if EC3 himself asked for the fans to be the ones to decide…  A bitter EC3 is reminded by Prichard of the dominant fighter he was and can be again. EC3 agrees and leaves the ring promising to make what’s necessary to reinvent himself.

Borash and EC3

Karen Jarrett is trying to explain us how her husband’s comeback is so good for the company and how the atmosphere is better thanks to him. Change is the most exciting part of Impact Wrestling, she claims.

Mixed Tag Team match: Braxton Sutter & Allie vs. KM & Sienna

KM and Sutter begin the match. KM makes his best to control Sutter in a slow classic wrestling match. Both Sienna and Allie try to pull their male opponents out of the ring. Thanks to Sienna’s intervention, KM attempts a powerslam but Sutter counters with a massive suplex into the turnbuckles. Sienna attacks Sutter, a frightened Allie is tagged by her partner. Allie is now on fire, she goes off the top rope but is catched in flight by Sienna. With Allie in her arms, Sienna trips over KM. Allie falls onto her for the 3-count.

Allie and Sienna

*The Fury of the week shows us Kongo Kong coming to the ring to attack Sutter. Sienna tries to make him get out of the ring. Here comes Lauren Van Ness in her wedding gown who joins Sienna in a 2-on 1 assault on Allie.

Rosemary vs. Santana Garrett

Rosemary charges Garrett straight in the match. Powerful match by both women. Garrett attempts numerous pins but Rosemary locks her in a tarantula submission. Garret crawls to the first the rope in pain. Big splash, exploder suplex from Rosemary before Santana counters a Red Wedding attempt. Garrett answers with a flurry of clothesline, gaining momentum in the match. As she goes for the handspring moonsault, Rosemary grabs her and connects with the Red Wedding for the win. Awesome fight between the two women.

Rosemary puts Santana Garrett in a submission hold

Backstage Davey Richards and Angelina Love says they have no remorse for what they did to Eddie Edwards and he and Alisha even deserve a little bit more of suffering.

Andrew Everett vs. Marshe Rockett vs. Suicide vs. Shane Helms

As the bell rings, Helms exits the ring. The referee throws Trevor Lee out of ringside, leaving Helms on his own. Quick changes lead to good moves by every opponent, excepted from Helms who’s only here to protect his guy. Suicide connects with the Suicide Plunge onto Rockett on the outside. Everett goes for the crash and burn but Helms grabs his leg. Suicide is impressive, taking out both Everett and Rockett with a DDT-double chop combo. While Helms claims he is the greatest Cruiserweight of all time. Everett comes back in the match. Because of Helms bad blows and Rockett missing his opponents in a double crossbody attempt, Everett is able to hit the shooting star press on Rockett for the win.

Everett celebrates

After the match, Helms and Lee try to beat down Everett but he knocks out Lee with a huricanrana DDT. Helms retreats, Everett celebrates.

Like Karen Jarrett, Matt Morgan wants to convince us the future for Impact is unlimited and he’s going to make Impact great every week with his talent.

Davey Richards vs. DJ Z

A great succession of moves from the two wrestlers. Clothesline by Richards, suicide dive from DJ Z on Richards outside the ring. DJ Z sends Davey over the barricade and the steel steps. Back in the ring, he earns a near fall after a cross body. Elbow by DJ Z, clothesline by Richards, fight back from DJ Z with a neck breaker. Near fall again. Chin breaker and DDT then by DJ Z. But Richards traps him into the ankle lock and makes him submit.

DJ Z and Davey Richards

After the match, Eddie Edwards storms and attacks DJ Z, his wife Alisha beats down Angelina Love. Referees and security are forced to separate the four.

Team GOAT (Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake & Tyrus) vs. Team JB (Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan, Alberto El Patron & Magnus). If Team GOAT loses, Josh Mathews leaves the broadcast team for good.

Team JB quickly takes control of the match as El Patron takes on Drake and Adonis. Team GOAT then dominates Adonis as Magnus tries to save him from both Lashley and Bram. Magnus and Bram’s confrontation goes intense as Bram is beating up Magnus into the barricade. Drake tags in for the pin, Magnus reaches his corner to tag El Patron. Backstabber on Lashley, the crowd is on fire. After commercial, Drake is in trouble with Adonis. Tyrus slams him from nowhere and nearly earns the 3-count. Tyrus impresses with a massive catch suplex on Adonis. Intense fight as Lashley lands a huge neck breaker on Adonis who holds on even after a sleeper hold from Bram. Drake then Lashley take care of Adonis who’s really spending a bad moment. A missed drop by Tyrus allows Adonis to finally tag in Matt Morgan. He quickly cleans the house and hits a chokeslam on Bram. A superkick from Alberto El Patron avoids Tyrus to break up the pin. Spear by Lashley on Patron, Adonis hits the Spinebuster on Lashley. Magnus then powerbombs Drake and locks him in the Cloverleaf. Bram sends Magnus out of the ring. Morgan hits Bram with the Carbon Footprint, followed by the elbow drop from Magnus to pick up the win for Team JB.

Team JB wins

As JB celebrates ringside, the whole roster comes to the ring. Borash says that these are all his friends as El Patron waves goodbye to Mathews from the top of the announce table. The whole roster then celebrates in the ring.

Borash celebrates

Not a bad episode, mostly because of women’s matches and a massive main event. But hearing Borash and Mathews commentating on themselves instead of the in-ring action an hour and a half long was nerve-wracking (I still don’t explain myself why The Pope didn’t knock them out… ). Wrestling was there but commentators not. And even if Josh Mathews is supposed to have left the building, be sure we’ll see him back soon in the Impact Zone…

Goodbye Mathews !


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