April 8th 2017

Elite British Wrestling – April Anarchy

Queens Social Club Sheffield

A big long double show for me this time round. One in the afternoon and one in the evening. I had come in to this show absolutely exhausted. I hadn’t been to the gym all week, my diet had been shocking and then on top of that my wife and child had been ill all week so I was trying to dodge the lurg all at the same time! The night before the show I had no sleep whatsoever and a ridiculously early morning. Not the best way to start the day at all!

I walked in to the club early afternoon, everyone stood outside waiting for the ring to arrive and everyone seemed to be in a very good mood. Stood outside the venue, enjoying the sun, playing pranks on people in the car park. It was a really good laugh!

My first match of the day would come in the main event of the Matinee performance. The match, originally planned to be Sam Kenny and Jason Jacobs versus two debuting talents of Jack and Elliot, but this would turn in to a 4-on-4 tag match between all of The Monsters, which are myself, Ivy, Sam Kenny and Jason Jacobs, versus Jack and Elliot and Team GB (Gary Farmer and John Green).

I had an absolute nightmare in this match. My tights were falling down all the time and my shirt was riding up and I was trying to sort that out constantly and it just let me down. In fact, that’s a lie, I let myself down there. Genuinely annoyed about how I was coming across in this match. At one point in the match, I was on the apron and got caught by Gary, stared doing the Sheamus style clubs to the chest, pulled me up on the the top rope and then clotheslined me over. My neck is still hurting from that one!

Anyway on to a very busy evening for me.  Although I only had one “Scheduled” match I was to be involved in 3 straight segments. Starting off with my own match.

Alan Kay & “The Mean Machine” Mark Sanders versus James Bacon and Kyle Bradders.

This match came about in a slightly odd way.

On the last show at queens The Monsters got involved in a match involving Bacon and Bradders which led to Mean Machine being fobbed off in the run in by Kyle meaning he got involved by taking out them both but refusing my handshake at the end. Meaning we were to form an uneasy alliance this time round.  I was allowed to go a bit mental in this one, or that was the plan anyway.

We got half way through the match, just about to work to a finish, and i took a double super kick from Bacon and Bradders.

The kick was as clean as you like, the issue was that the timing was off ever so slightly. Meaning that Bradders hit me first pushing me towards Bacon and Bacons foot smashed me right across the face.

I lost everything, didn’t get chance to catch my bearing and worked to the next spot. I just could think of what was happening. I had been genuinely rattled. Some stuff happened and we went to the finish.

Mean Machine was walking off because he had enough of us not playing ball, or us playing by our own rules. As Sam and Jason were watching him walk up the stairs and I had my head through the ropes screaming at him to get back in the ring, Kyle came flying over the top rope taking out my fellow Monsters.

As I stood back up in shock at what had just happened, Bacon came flying behind me and rolled me up, 1! 2! 3!

I kid you not, the crowd went bloody mental. It was a reaction I hadn’t heard in such a long time.

They were over the moon I had been beaten. That’s the exact reaction any heel should be looking for. Regardless of your opponent, the fans should be going mad with joy that the bad guy has lost and this was one of those occasions it just went right.

The rest of The Monsters were also in action. Ivy would go up against Georgy Archer and be unsuccessful on this occasion. Also Jason Jacob & Sam Kenny would regain the EBW Tag team Championships against “Solid” John Green and The Paralympian Gary Farmer. Both matches seemed to go well and had the reaction they went out to get. i am extremely proud of my team mates and everything they’re achieving.

I think there were a lot of people who had doubted what we could do as a team. Ourselves included. But we have used that as fire to prove people wrong. We have put the work in, put research in and it’s paying off. There’s so much more we can do with The Monsters and it’s only  matter of time until we can show more and more people what we are capable of and I honestly can’t wait.

Well, that’s another one under the belt.

On to the next one!

Later nerds x


Cover Photo Credit – John Mayo Photography

Feature Photo Credit – Danielle Overend-Hogg Photography

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