Photos: Rob Brazier

Apollo Championship Wrestling’s first show begun with a sold out crowd in Keeton’s Hall, Bermondsey. Excitement within the crowd, however, was tempered when Damon Moser walked out to explain how he couldn’t compete due to his broken jaw. Paul Robinson, fired up and ready to go, came out to a jeering audience in order to torment Moser, promised to get the belt and if Moser wanted it a shot at it, he would have to go through Robinson for it.

The Swords of Essex alumni began the first semi-final for the ACW title against Kelly Sixx. Kelly Sixx showed strength and a dynamic nature against Robinson, which the audience relished, however, Robinson’s strength was a vital element throughout the match and allowed him to place a Curb Stomp on Sixx to advance to the final for the ACW title.

The momentum continued as the second semi-final match began. The Hit Set’s Alexander Roth, accompanied by Kieron Kurupt became a force to be reckoned with when facing fan-favourite Jack Sexsmith. The match had comedic elements, as well as showing the strength of the combination of Kurupt and Roth as a team. Sexsmith, however, had overcome the unfair odds that he faced and gained the victory, although Sexsmith’s celebrations were short lived as he was attacked and injured, placing him at an unfair advantage against Robinson in the final.

The tag team match between Connor Mills and Charlie Carter against Alex Cupid and James Best had created a fast-paced atmosphere. The crowd had chosen their favourites for the match and had fully invested themselves. Best had hit the Swanton Bomb from the top rope to get him and Cupid the win.

Chakara and Bobbi Tyler’s match created a much slower atmosphere with the crowd losing enthusiasm throughout. Although Chakara had generated a lot of heat amongst the crowd, they had lost their drive. Chakara’s strength and punches saw her gain a victory over Bobbi Tyler.

Savvy Sid Scala against Phil Powers was greeted with laughs from children and adults alike within the audience. The match was a bit over the top, however, it did emphasise the family-friendly atmosphere that ACW were trying to exhibit; the fun side that the company are trying to offer. After the long battle between them both, Savvy Sid took the win from Powers.

The pace soon changed, however, through the triple-threat number one contender’s match between Danny Duggan, Earl Black Jr and Pastor William Eaver. Duggan, Eaver and Black had won the crowd over with their hard-hitting style within the ring, creating a brutal pace throughout the entire match, especially with Earl Black Jr, proving that he could be a contender and a one-to-watch for the ACW title. It was Duggan’s force that saw him pick up the pin for the contender’s spot.

The main event and the final for the ACW title, saw Paul Robinson, a man described as wrestling’s youngest veteran, against the underdog in Jack Sexsmith. Sexsmith had come out injured from The Hit Set’s earlier attack, so he was immediately put at an unfair disadvantage in facing Robinson. The match was never going to be an easy one for Sexsmith, although he did bring the fight to his rival. Experience prevailed, however, and Robinson was crowned Apollo Championship Wrestling’s first-ever champion. To congratulate himself, he attacked Sexsmith but was stopped by Damon Moser, promising that he’d be back to take the belt, leaving the crowd reeling for more from ACW.

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