Bobby Roode addressed the NXT universe and bragged about snuffing out Nakamura. He referenced last week’s goodbye where we saw the entire locker room show their respect. But you know who we didn’t see? Mr. Roode himself.  ou didn’t see him because he wasn’t going to stand there and listen to the crap coming out of Nakamura’s mouth.

This was apparently a nerve striker for Hideo Itami, as he came down glared atRoode. Itami followed this up with the bitch slap that echoed with bouts of “OH!” from the NXT crowd. Roode put down his title and got ready to fight, but as he approached Itami he got hit with the GTS. Will we see Itami go after the NXT title? Seems to be the safe bet for now.

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We then got a backstage interview with Tyler Bate (Yay) and Jack Gallagher (Even more Yay) where it was announced that they will be facing each other next week for the UK championship. They act gentlemanly and shake hands. Tyler Bate, Jack Gallagher, UK Title… The world is such a brilliant place sometimes. It gives you a warm feeling inside, needless to say, I’m going to be so happy next week.

Another backstage video plays with heavy machinery lifting weights and pounding pounds bruh. This was then interrupted with Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas antagonizing Drew McIntyre. We later found out that they will face each other next week. I’m not even sure what Andrade did? He just seemed to answer his phone while in front of McIntyre. Does Drew hate phones?

Match 1: Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas vs Danny Burch

Burch wasn’t interested in Almas’ games and worked around him trying to show off. Andrade soon dropped the showman act and started to get more viscous with his attacks. Although Burch put up a decent offense, he fell to Andrade’s Hammerlock DDT.

I have to say, I did miss Danny Burch on my TV screen. So I’m very happy that he’s appeared on NXT, even though he didn’t win. But hey, he’s still got some good footage from the UK tournament. And yes I will marry the UK tournament one day since I love it so much.

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We saw a video package for Asuka’s victory. This was accompanied by other women in the division describing how deadly and strong she can be. The package also mentioned that she may have a weakness in her overconfidence. The women of NXT all want to be the one to take her down. I liked that we are acknowledging that Asuka is basically a monster that needs to be stopped one way or another. Plus building up the women’s division doesn’t hurt.

We also saw a recap of Tye Dillinger’s rivalry with Eric Young and Sanity. All from the beginning when Tye was offered to join them but ultimately rejected. We’ll get to the match later on, but by giving the audience some well-used context for the main event, they can paint an excellent picture of the heat between Dillinger and Young. Even if there were some bumps along the way.

Match 2: Liv Morgan & Aliyah vs Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

First of all, Aliyah = Cat’s meow? I’m not totally sure what that means? Anyway, Liv and Aliyah managed to keep Billie Kay separated from her partner quite well. But when Peyton was tagged in, she started to turn the match into their favor. Aliyah tried to get to Liv for the tag but was being held back through Billie and Peyton. Liv sent Billie flying with a dropkick and Aliyah got the roll up pin on Peyton. Needless to say, Billie and Peyton were pissed. They were so pissed in fact, that they danced like they were copying dance moves from Alexander Wolfe.

Needless to say, Billie and Peyton were pissed. They were so pissed in fact, that they danced like they were copying dance moves from Alexander Wolfe. Very quick match up and wish it could’ve been longer. But I guess we needed to kill time until the main event. Speaking of which…

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MAIN EVENT – Match 3: Tye Dillinger vs Eric Young (Steel Cage)

Eric Young sent the members of Sanity to the back. This was truly a one on one fight… until it wasn’t, but I’m getting ahead of myself. There were so many good story moments within this match that I need to go through some of the best bits just to emphasize how good this actually is. Young took the opportunity of the cage environment and used it to punish Dillinger, pushing his face against the cage wall and relentlessly kicking him down in his offense. After a powerbomb and even an elbow drop from the top of the cage, Tye grabbed the ankle of Young. He simply refused to give up. He got young into a Tye breaker and left Young motionless on the floor.

Tye tried to claw his way out the cage but wouldn’t you know it. Sanity interfered and shut the cage door. The image of Killian Dane shaking his head, wearing the biggest shit-eating grin I’ve ever seen, is truly remarkable. Fortunately, Roderick strong and Kassius Ohno came down to stop Sanity. After a massive cross-body dive, from the top of the cage, Tye escaped and finally got the win over Eric Young.

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This is a perfect ending for all the hardship he had been through. All the close calls and assaults that Dillinger has had to deal with have finally come to an end. It was a justified end to his time on NXT, with him finally gaining redemption on those who tried to kick him when he was down. For that, all the defeats, beatings, and overall comeback were worth the pain… Well, I liked it anyway.

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