On Friday,  Impact wrestler and member of The Decay Crazzy Steve surprised the world by posting a tweet thanking everyone of Impact Wrestling with a farewell picture. With Knockout Champion Rosemary and Abyss, The Decay was a fan favourite and a winning stable.

It was revealed today that Crazzy Steve, real name Steven Scott, in fact gave his notice to the company earlier this year, when Anthem took control of Impact Wrestling, and was during that time offered a developmental contract by WWE he accepted. Scott is set to begin at the Performance Center in a near future and will compete in NXT first.

Since the arrival of the new Anthem management, The Decay has been mostly used to put over the new tag team talents. They were clearly written off television when LAX team did a funeral on television for them during Impact recordings a few days ago. His partner Abyss was seen back to his Joseph Parks gimmick while Rosemary kept the gothic-inspired attitude.

Scott arrived in TNA in 2013 as part of the Menagerie, a team of Carnival freaks. He took part of the singles competition when the group disbanded in 2015. On January 2016, Steve, Abyss and Rosemary made their first appearance as a team, attacking TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves and stealing their titles. They eventually won the belts two months later.

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