Last week, Bram and Robbie E were off Impact tapings because IMPACT Wrestling sent talents to Japan NOAH’s Global Tag League. The “New BroMans” even posted a tweet to show their involvement in the 10th edition of the tag-team event held from April 22 to May 4.

But the travel is already over for Bram as he was officially suspended by NOAH for the rest of the tournament and asked to go back home. The reason of this suspension is a picture Bram posted on Instagram yesterday, removed since.

We can see the wrestler lying on his back on a ice shop of a store in Tokyo, after an event at the Giuroku Plaza. The picture received extremeley negative backlashs from Japanese fans. Which led both NOAH officials and Bram, real name Thomas Latimer, to have an emergency interview to work on the situation.

bram 2

NOAH’s chairman Masayuki Uchida issued the following statement: “I have great troubles to everyone involved and made me feel uncomfortable”. He also stated that there may be in the future a kind of seminar to help international talents become aware and accustomed of the Japanese unique set of conduct rules. And also to prevent new incidents like Bram’s.

Bram issued the following apology: “I am very sorry, I will take apologize for the decision of NOAH seriously and I will apologize sincerely”. The British wrestler was visiting Japan for the first time. Robbie E and Bram already wrestled 3 matches in the competition. Robbie E is allowed to continue as Kazma Sakamoto will replace Bram.

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