The British are coming, and they’re the most exciting thing I’ve been looking forward to ever since it was announced last week. Tyler Bate took on Jack Gallagher for the WWE UK Championship. If there is any way to my heart, it’s putting the WWE UK stars on TV and letting them loose to do their own thing. Does the match succeed? How does the rest of the show hold up? Let’s take a look.

Before we even knew what the first match was going to be, Nikki cross appeared and called out Ruby Riot. Eventually, Ruby mad her way down into the ring and they immediately locked eyes. Nikki tried to get a cheap shot in and then a fight broke out. Referees tried their best to break them up but they kept tearing each other apart. Later in the show, we got an announcement from William Regal. He announced that Nikki and Ruby will be able to vent their anger in a match later on tonight. Boy, I hope it’s an actual match and not just a repeat of what just happened…

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– Bobby Roode was interviewed about the confrontation last week between him and Hideo Itami. Roode stated that it was a cowardly attack and that if wants to face him for the title, he’s going to have to earn that glorious opportunity.

– Before her “match”, Ruby Riot was interviewed about Sanity. She stated that Sanity wants everyone to conform to their ways and that tonight “we start a riot”. She predicts a riot, she predicts a riot.

– Andrade was almost interviewed, but he left with a bunch of ladies to go and party. Got to admire that after a tough fight he can just go and hit the town.

Match 1: Andrade ‘cien’ Almas vs Drew McIntyre

Andrade did his normal chilled attitude to start with, but a swift kick to the outside from Drew sent the momentum into his favour. This led to Andrade becoming less forgiving with his attacks, leading Drew to come right back with a spree of strikes. McIntyre got the win with his flying kick.

Loving that Drew is being portrayed strong, and Andrade still taking this calm and collected movement until he’s been put down and things start to fall apart for him. When Drew manages to get to the main roster, he’s going to be a star. Right now in NXT, he could become Champion and I’m definitely okay with that.

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Strangely enough, we got a different type of video package this week, which focused on Who is Roderick Strong? 

“I feel like I haven’t told my story because the timing wasn’t ready yet

We learned about his childhood and time growing up. Specifically, issues with his family life. We even learned horrifying stuff like his father getting shot by his mother one night. Thankfully all those issues had been resolved presently as his mother seemed to be really proud of her son had turned out. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t see this coming at all. It depicts Strong as this likeable guy and that he’s really happy to have gotten this far in life. Apparently, we are getting a part 2 to this next week, I was just a little thrown off from hearing about a shooting, while later on tonight we have two moustache wearing Brits rolling around the place.

Match 2: Kona Reeves vs Aleister Black

After last week’s match where Black’s opponent took their time. Reeves decided he wasn’t going to waste any time and went in for the attack. Fortunately, Black kept his composure, fought back and dealt one spinning wheel kick to the jaw of Reeves. You thought it was over right there? NOPE. To add insult to injury, Black lifted Reeves up with his foot and kicked him once more, This time we actually get a name for his move, “Black Mass”.

Aleister Black is doing everything right presently. Being pushed as intelligent, strong, but not invincible. Opponents can get some offence in, but not enough to actually take him down. Brilliant stuff really.

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“”””””Match 3″”””””: Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross

Before the match got started, Ruby was attacked from behind by Nikki. This led to fighting on the ramp and Ruby delivering a suplex on the hard ramp floor. Officials again tried to break them up but it was futile and eventually led to Nikki cross being carried away, and Ruby being pulled backstage… I get that it’s building up their rivalry and to an eventual match. But, I really wanted to see them go at it. Instead of what felt like killing time until the main event.

An official announcement from William Regal, with Asuka nearby, stated that next week will determine the number one contender for the NXT women’s championship with a battle royal. There are plenty of interesting match-ups NXT could do with this. I’m personally betting on Ember Moon becoming Number one contender and getting a rematch with Asuka, maybe with a stipulation so there wouldn’t be any funny business.

Match 4: Jack Gallagher vs Tyler Bate (UK Championship)

MATCH OF THE NIGHT. Sorry, that was premature. Anyway, this was a very technical matchup. When Jack or Tyler worked the arms, the legs, each stretch felt painful. Plus the combination of reversals and moves around the ring were performed very well. After the commercial break, Jack took control of the match. When Jack locked in a move, it was hard for Tyler to escape. Once again this was a brilliant display of agility from both Bate and Gallagher. Gallagher looked like he might win after a strong headbutt, but Bate kept going and before you know it. Bate succeeded and retained his title after hitting the Tyler Driver 97.

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With the WWE UK show apparently being presented on the WWE network soon (YAY), It seems like we are going to get some amazing performances from the UK stars. And now I count the days until this programme begins again.

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