Sean Waltman was supposed to appear on Sunday in the United Kingdom at an IPW show. Twelwe hours before the event, the promotion hadn’t heard any news from him. He in fact never landed as he was arrested on Saturday morning by the Los Angeles Airport Police Department.

The very first news came from Kevin Nash who stated on Twitter his olf friend X-Pac was good and there was nothing to worry about. But the news broke later that Waltman had been charged with a felony by the LAAPD. He was released the same day, with a bail set at $35,000. Waltman announced on Monday night on Twitter the arrest was not drug related.

A version TMZ quickly contradicted as they announced drug possession was indeed the reason of the arrest. The celebrity gossip website stated “X-Pac” tried to bring meth and marijuana through customs (in fact three cannabis chocolate bars, two THC liquid cigarettes and a total of 38 meth/amphetamine capsules).

Because of the quantity, police believed he was planning on selling the drugs in the United Kingdom territory and so decide to arrest him. Due to his history of drug-related arrests, Waltman was on a narcotics watch-list of Customs & Border Patrol. So when he tried to go through customs, his name was flagged and a drug dog alerted the officers to search his bags.

Later on Twitter, Waltman confirmed he was a changed man and now had a clean life. He slated the pills were in fact yeast-cleanse capsules. He also admitted he accepted to undergo a hair follicle test and a polygraph.

TMZ Sports released today the video (see below) of their full interview with Waltman regarding the incident, as seen in the video above. He’s confirming the pills are not methamphetamine but candida-cleanse capsules. When asked if there is a chance that there is methamphetamine in the capsules, Waltman replies, “only if they put it in there.”

He claims that people may have difficulty to believe him due to his history with drugs and addiction to meth. “With my past, I can totally understand anybody rolling their eyes at my story. Once the lab work comes back, this should be all cleared up.”

But Waltman also states he’s not completely clean: “My life is amazing, this is just a hiccup in the road. I’m still clean, besides the cannabis. My diet is probably better than just about anybody’s.”

Sean Waltman could face up to 4 years in prison if he’s convicted with drug detention with intent to distribute.


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