Match 1: Killian Dane vs Danny Burch

The fight started off with heavy strikes from both men. Although Dane pretty much dominated Burch throughout. Burch fought back trying to get back into it, and the crowd did start to root for him, sadly Dane finally finished off Burch with the Ulster plantation. “The beast of Belfast

I do like that Dane is being nicknamed as “The Beast of Belfast” (if you ignore him getting thrown away like he was nothing at the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale). But seeing Danny Burch being the one to be taken out so easily. It just made me wish we have the eventual WWE UK TV show that will better represent how good he is in the ring.

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We got a video promo for the “Velveteen Dream”, which if you remember a while ago, is actually Patrick Clark. I distinctly remember seeing this guy before, so if NXT is starting to build up its current roster members, I have no issue with it.

We also got to see a video package for Drew McIntyre, which presented us with the success he’s had in the past with the WWE. But also the success after coming back, how he could’ve chosen any other promotion. He chose NXT. Honestly, think he’s a beast in this show and if he’s handled right, could easily become a main event star for Smackdown Live or Raw.

Match 2: Heavy Machinery vs Ricardo Watts & Hector Kunsman

Basically, Otis & Tucker threw these two around like they weighed nothing, smashing and absolutely crushing them. There was no way that Watts & Kunsman were going to get any kind of advantage. Heavy machinery ended with holding up the guys while Tucker came from behind to squash them both. Genuinely do not want a group hug with these guys, they may kill me. They then followed up their win with a promo where they humorously managed to make their own catchphrase work.

“Steaks and weights! Steaks and weights!”

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The crowd loved it, Tucker then made himself clear that they believe they are more than ready to take on the Authors of Pain for the NXT Tag Team Titles. They finished their statement by saying;

“We’re starting to get hungry, so it’s about time that we are”

Got to say, I friggin love these guys. They’re over with the crowd, they’re work in the ring is fun to see and I look forward to a monster battle reminiscent of Godzilla when they finally meet the AOP.


Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa of #DIY were asked their thoughts on Heavy Machinery staking a claim to a match for the titles. They admired the spirit and their overall impressive performance so far in NXT. But DIY made themselves clear that they are still owed a rematch, so they should get in line.

I thought to myself, didn’t the match at NXT takeover count as a rematch? thought for sure that would be the last we saw of AOP vs DIY. But I guess when you have a limited amount of tag teams available, you should use them to the best of their ability.

Match 3: Kona Reeves vs Hideo Itami

Briefly, before the match had even begun, we saw Bobby Roode chatting to Kona Reeves. Since we can assume that they definitely didn’t have any diabolical schemes when talking, I’m just going to think they were talking about nice things like puppies and chocolate.

SURPRISINGLY, Reeves attacked Itami before the bell rang, leaving Hideo at a disadvantage while trying to fight back and get on his feet. it took some strength,  but after one strong slap Hideo started to kick some ass… and head… and chest. Basically, he kicked everywhere. With one G.T.S. Hideo Itami won the match. Leaving Bobby to throw down his magical staff, making Reeves grow 10 times taller until- No wait, that’s Power Rangers.

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Who is Roderick Strong: Part 2

We kick off the second part of this Mini Bio with Rodrick Strong’s life with his fiancée and his response to becoming a father. He mentions how he can’t believe he’s got to this point. We also hear about his time on the Indy circuit, surreal enough even mentioning other wrestling promotions?! I’m so used to the WWE pretending they’re the only promotion on the planet, so to have Ring Of Honor be acknowledged like this is just damn weird. I like it though. A line that hit me in the feels was when he said what he would tell the kid version of himself.

“Don’t be afraid, and everything’s going to be okay…Pro Wrestling saved my life”

If this is meant to present Strong as a stand-up guy with ethics and a path that led him to a better life, then this may have just succeeded. We’ll have to see what they do next to carry this momentum onto his next stage in NXT.

Bobby Roode with William regal. Regal wanted to talk about his next opponent. Next week, Roderick Strong vs Hideo Itami to decide who will be number one contender.

Match 4: Battle Royale for number one contender for Women’s Championship

I believe this match has a duel purpose. First to determine a challenger for Asuka, but also remind you that they have a wealth of outstanding female wrestlers in NXT. The match went by slowly at first without an elimination. But during the break, the first person eliminated was Victoria Gonzalez. The crowd booed heavily when Racheal Evers was eliminated, more soon followed and started dropping like flies. The more well-known wrestlers were left in the ring, Nikki cross, Liv Morgan, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce and ruby Riot.

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Liv was eliminated by Nikki and the crowd were clearly on Nikki’s side. Ember eliminated Billie and then followed it up by getting rid of Peyton too. Three women were left. Nikki, Ember and Ruby. After hitting a total eclipse, Ember tried to throw Nikki out but was interrupted by Ruby. Ember once again went to go for a Total eclipse to Ruby. But was thrown down by Asuka (into the ring, not the outside strangely). Asuka then decided to go hog wild and cause destruction in the ring. ” No one is ready for Asuka”

Okay, why is there DQ in this type of match?? I’ve seen matches like this in the past where eliminated competitors can jump right back in and eliminate someone. Do they get punished? Nope. Does the match stop? NOPE. So why does it stop when the champ interfered and knocked someone into the ring. Not on the outside, but into the ring? It just doesn’t make sense. With no definitive winner, William regal came out and announced that at NXT Takeover Chicago, Asuka will send her title against all 3 of the women left from the Battle Royale. Ruby Riot, Ember Moon, and Nikki Cross.

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